Saturday 23 August 2014

Bone Man - Plastic Wasteland (Album Review)

Album Type: Album
Date Released: August 29th 2014
Label: Pink Tank Records

Plastic Wasteland - track listing:

1. Plastic Wasteland 6:35
2. Wayfaring 4:35
3. Old Brew 5:12
4. Dry Habit 5:06
5. Graveyards 5:56
6. Flash Land 6:20
7. Undergrowth 6:08

Band Members

Marian - Guitar/Vocals
Arne - Bass
Ötzi – Drums


Bone Man - The Fuzz/Grunge/Psych/Stoner Rock collective from Germany return with their eagerly anticipated new album - Plastic Wasteland - released through Pink Tank Records. After releasing a critically acclaimed album in 2013 with II, which united fans, and critics alike stating that Bone Man were a band to look out for. Bone Man is back to build on the foundations laid with II with Plastic Wasteland. Has it been worth the wait. One answer – Hell Fucking Yeah!!!

As Plastic Wasteland, more than delivers on the excitement chart. Bone Man has pulled out all the stops here with riffs that will leave you a shivering wreck. Bone Man's style of music ventures from a whole range of genres as they match powerful grooves with heart-felt vocals & lyrics. Opening track - Plastic Wasteland - is hard hitting homage to 90s based Grunge, Stoner and Doom with hints of Soundgarden and Alice In Chains thrown in for good measure. Though it still sounds original on it's own terms.

I will state while Marian's vocals are superb throughout, they do take a while to warm to as they take a different path compared to previous Bone Man releases. Plastic Wasteland is one action packed ride full of great tunes to lose yourself in. 2nd track - Wayfaring is pure psychedelic Stoner Rock bliss as Bone Man unleash a wave of epic riffs drenched in feedback and fuzz. Maybe a bit overkill at times but who cares when the music is good as this.

Bone Man start to rip a hole in the Stoner/Psych Rock vortex with songs such as Old Brew, Graveyards and Undergrowth proving these guys can write complex melodies with soaring lyrics to match. The album once again ventures from Psych Rock, Grunge, Stoner and Hard Rock with a dark punk-rock attitude lurking in the background Some people may find this a challenging album to listen to especially when Bone Man change the tone of the album from one song to the next. Though that's a good thing as Bone Man are creating an album on their own terms and now bowing down to other peoples expectations. Sure, it can be bleak at times but Plastic Wasteland does not offer easy answers, it only offers a truthful and honest hard working band telling the world how it is.

Plastic Wasteland is a beautifully dark complex album packed full of great songs that will see Bone Man's reputation enhanced once again for creating such a fantastic album that will win them a whole range of new fans within the Stoner Rock community. Roll on the next album. Until then I advise you all to buy this must-have album.

Thanks to Jan at pink Tank Records for sending me a copy. Plastic Wasteland is out to buy on Vinyl from Pink Tank Records from August 29th. 2014.

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Written by Steve Howe