Saturday 2 August 2014

Vinnum Sabbathi - Band To Check Out

6 σ : Side B cover art


Vinnum Sabbathi is a band from México, created in 2011. On May of the same year is released a Homemade Demo with 100 copies. Between December 2012 and January 2013 the band recorded the first part of 6 σ Level.

Side A is released on January 2013, and one year later on January 2014 , Side B is released.

Band Members

Alberto (Guitar)/
Samuel (Bass)/
Gerardo (Drums)/
Roman (Live Samples)


Vinnum Sabbathi is a Drone/Doom/Stoner Metal band from Mexico. They have released a few releases that most definitely worthy of your attention.

Vinnum Sabbathi's sound is very hard to describe but I will try my best. It's a mixture of long drawn out drone based doom/space rock/stoner metal riffs. Shades of Black Sabbath, Sleep, OM, BONG and Sunn 0))) can be detected in their music. It's loud as hell and very addictive indeed.

Take their latest release for example - 6 σ: Side B – a record so addictive with bone-crunching riffs that the Mexican Government should make this record illegal. Damn, it's trippy as hell. It will take you to the far corners of space while jamming to Dopesmoker played on the biggest speakers possible. If you buy one Vinnum Sabbathi record then make sure it's this one. As it's their finest work to date.

With it's style of long drawn out epic stonerish doomy riffs that will make you question everything around you. It's purely instrumental as the band substitute vocals for NASA based soundclips from a space mission gone very wrong indeed.

I am a huge fan of the Mexican Sludge/Doom/Stoner Metal scene and it's thanks to bands like Vinnum Sabbathi that made me a fan in the first place. Do yourself a favour and check out this brilliant band now.

Vinnum Sabbathi are a fucking incredible band. That's all you need to know. Check them out now!!!

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Written by Steve Howe