Tuesday 26 August 2014

MuckRaker - Karmageddon (Album Review)

Karmageddon cover art

Album Type: Album
Date Released: 16th June 2014
Label: Self Released

Karmageddon - track listing:

1.Karmageddon 04:25
2.Rise Of The Loggerheads 05:57
3.All Hail Mary 04:36
4.Rusticus (The Alarm Part 2) 04:26
5.Warlord! 04:25
6.The Brotherhood Of Man 04:33
7.Red Vulture 02:58
8.Human 03:48
9.Smart A.L.E.C. 05:02
10.Too Much Metal For One Hand 05:12


Atlanta based MuckRaker, was formed by former BOILER (Mayhem/Atlantic recording artists) member, Will Price (Bass, Lead Vocals) in 2010. After several member changes, and the 2010 release of a 4 song EP entitled "Sound the Alarm", Ray Mulligan (Guitar, Vocals) joined the band in late 2010. Capo (Drums) joined Muckraker in the early summer of 2011

MuckRaker released their full length debut, “Big Black Bus”, in 2012. 13 tracks of blistering Blue Collar Metal for the average working man, or woman. No trends...just honest Metal/HardCore.

Band Members

Will Price - Bass + Lead Vocals
Ray Mulligan - Guitar + Vocals
Batz Capo - Drums


MuckRaker's sound is very hard to describe. Elements of Stoner Metal and Hard Rock combine for something that the band call – Blue Collar Metal.

Their new album – Karmageddon – is an album that has a very playful and addictive energy to it. Well only if that playful and addictive energy feels like Warner Bros Cartoon character – Tasmanian Devil playing with a stick of dynamite. Then that's how Karmageddon would sound.

It's a strange and loud as hell experience that feels parts Kyuss and Clutch jamming out with legendary performers from Saturday Night Live as MuckRaker have written some truly funny as hell lyrics to match the explosive riffs. Check out Rise Of The Loggerheads. This track is all about PARTYING though with a more hard-hitting social conscience. Did I forget to mention that MuckRaker include a tough as nails political exterior within their blistering hard rock/stoner metal riffs.

You may not notice this at first but give this album a few listens and you will start to see how highly intelligent this album actually is. It knocked me sideways when I finally caught on what the guys were singing about. Though if you're here just for the riffs alone then that's cool as this album is packed full of superb riffs.

Lead vocalist – Will – feels he is channeling Neil Fallon while listening to an iron Maiden album. I don't know what it is but I can detect a NWOBHM feel to his voice and to a certain extent with the bands music.

All Hail Mary is another storming social ruckus that will get you politically minded rockers off your ass and stomping along to the next social injustice to rally against. Karmageddon may not offer anything new within the Hard Rock/Stoner Metal world but you can't deny how powerful it is. This is Stoner Metal that oozes intelligence, wit and brawn in equal measure. MuckRaker are going to fuck up your entire day. If you're feeling brave enough to listen to it.

The album has a DIY Punk Vibe to it which isn't surprising from these self proclaimed – Blue Collar Metallers. The production of the album could of done with a bit more polish as parts of the album feel under-produced at times. Though this is still an excellent album to check out if you want something to think about when rocking out to the great tunes that Karmageddon possesses.

Thanks to MuckRaker for sending me a promo to review. Karmageddon is now available to buy on BandCamp now.

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Written by Steve Howe