Sunday 23 November 2014

Fuzz Evil / Chiefs Split 7" (Review)

Album Type: Split 7”
Date Released: 21/10/2014
Label: Battleground Records

Fuzz Evil/Chief Split 7” track listing:

1). Fuzz Evil – Glitter Bones
2). Chief – Stone Bull


The split 7” EP from Sierra Vista, Arizona-based FUZZ EVIL and Southern California’s CHIEFS is out now on Battleground Records.

On the A-side, the FUZZ EVIL trio delivers a nearly five-and-a-half minute, solid, groove-laden, heavy psych rock track, “Glitterbones.” Hailing from Sierra Vista, Arizona, the band is comprised of Wayne and Joey Rudell of Powered Wig Machine on vocals/guitar and vocals/bass, respectively, and drummer Marlin Tuttle. Flip to the B-side, and the more than five-and-a-half minute big time jam of CHIEFS’ fiery "Stone Bull" lets loose. The California-based outfit, on this recording consisting of Paul Valle on vocals/guitar and Stephen Varns on drums, delivers prime, hard-hitting desert rock, as declared from the opening riff of their side of the shared release.

Limited to 300 copies, the heavy grey vinyl with white splatters is cut at 45 RPM, the FUZZ side featuring artwork by David Paul Seymour and the CHIEFS side by the band’s Joey Rudell

Fuzz Evil is:

Wayne Rudell | Vocals, Guitar
Joseph Rudell | Vocals, Bass
Marlin Tuttle | Drums

Chiefs are:

Paul Valle | Guitar, Vocals
Jeff Podeszwik | Bass, Vocals
Kevin Michel | Drums


This split by Fuzz Evil and chiefs contains 2 excellent and crushing fuzzed out tracks fitting nicely in the stoner/doom/ desert genre.

First up is Arizona three piece Fuzz evil with ‘Glitter Bones’. Fuzz evil Main man Wayne Rudell also pulls double duty as vocals/guitar for Powdered Wig Machine so he obviously knows his way around fuzz. What makes this outing different is literally taken from the name, this is evil fuzz heavy rock, belted out with dirty staccato rhythms and a vocal delivery that at times nods to Danzig-esque heavy crooning. This song has a great beat flowing over it, that at times reminds me of older Clutch and I personally love the execution of it.

Onto Chiefs then, with their debut track ‘Stone Bull’. Slow crunchy fuzz riffs start this track off and continue for a rhythmic slow burn throughout the song. This one rolls through at about the same pace with clear strong vocals and some good guitar work thrown in for good measure until the end of the song, where it shifts gears slightly into a late nineties hard rock sounding guitar part. This would be fitting for a nice track to relax with.

I’m sure this split will be making the rounds in no time and everyone is going to hear about it, so just go ahead and pick it up now! It’s a very strong couple of tracks that introduces these bands perfectly and has me looking forward to the future full lengths from both bands.

Words by: David Heaton

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