Monday 3 November 2014

Slomatics/Holly Hunt - Official 7" Vinyl Preview

Artwork by: Beatriz Monteavaro

In our recent interview with Holly Hunt, David Majury of Slomatics made no secret of his love for the band; therefore it comes as no surprise that Slomatics and Holly Hunt have teamed up for a forthcoming exclusive 7” Release.  

This release will see both bands releasing brand new tracks, Slomatics with ‘Ulysses, My Father and ‘Bill Ward’ by Holly Hunt.

Having been fortunate to hear this split, this is probably the best music these two bands have produced to date.  Having described Slomatics most recent record ‘Estron’ as ‘A real triumph of quality and structure, and a new height scaled in an already stellar career of amp vandalism.’ And ‘Prometheus’ as ‘A thudding and pulsating giant of a record!'  This is a bold statement to make, but make no mistake you will not be disappointment. 

It gives us great pleasure to bring you an exclusive first look of the stunning artwork by Beatriz Monteavaro.   As I’m sure you’ll all agree, it is awesome.  Not only that, you can listen to a sneaky clip of Slomatics’ contribution to the split below.  It is their heaviest material to date.  Enjoy and keep your eyes open for a forthcoming review.  This is a must have release.

The split 7" will released on 1st Dec 2014 (digital and physical), LTD 600 physical copies worldwide on black wax. Artwork by Beatriz Monteavaro.  
Physical release comes with download code and w
ill be available from the link below

And as a Digital release available (in full) via each bands Bandcamp