Wednesday 12 November 2014

Doomed & Stoned - Doomed In Oregon

Doomed in Oregon cover art

Album Type: Album
Date Released: 07th November 2014
Label: Doomed & Stoned Free Compilation – Various Artists

Doomed In Oregon – Track Listing

1.Psyrup - Witch's Tit 10:31
2.Mothers Whiskey - Wickerman 05:47
3.Crag Dweller - Madness 05:01
4.Disenchanter - Into Darkness 11:20
5.Swamp Devil - Dishaunted 05:52
6.Mammoth Salmon - Call of the Mammoth 06:32
7.SkullDozer - Cold Moon 04:32
8.Silence The Father - The River 10:03
9.The Art of Colonoscopy - The Doom Song 03:20
10.H.C. Minds - Chained To Your Soul 11:14
11.Paleons - Odin The Wanderer 08:46
12.Randal T. Collier-Ford - Into The Monolith 08:39
13.Kemosabe - Devil's Three Way 05:19
14.Lucika - Ferryman's Toll 05:56
15.Mothers Whiskey - Mountain Face 03:36


Billy Goate at Doomed & Stoned has created another brilliant free compilation for you to download and get high to. After releasing a well received compilation back in July 2014 – Doomed & Stoned In Portland – Billy has gathered another set of great tracks to share with the world.

As Billy Goate states on the BandCamp Page - “This new compilation will take some of the darker tracks from Doomed & Stoned in Portland (July 2014) and couple them with some brand new tracks from unsung and under-recognized Oregon bands.”

This has bands that I haven't heard of such as Psyrup who open up this fine compilation with their excellent track – Witch's Tit. It's a fucking awesome tune that is a real highlight for me. Along with Swamp Devil, Mammoth Salmon and Lucika. If you want take a musical vacation to Portland, Oregon, then download this now as this EP is a must have release. So get downloading now. Let Billy Goate know The Sludgelord sent you!!!

Well done Billy. Can't wait for the next installment.

Words by: Steve Howe

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