Sunday 30 November 2014

Space Fisters - Vol. 1 (Album Review)

Vol.1 cover art

Album Type: Album
Date Released: 20th December 2014
Label: Self Released
Vol. 1 – Track Listing

1.Short Daze
2.Yellow Hills 07:10
3.Goddess Of Love / Priestess Of Pain


Space Fisters is a power trio of Heavy/Psych influenced by Sungrazer, Mars Red Sky, Earthless, Sleep, The Melvins...


Clément Baltassat : Bass/ Vocals
Robin Pruchon : Guitar
Léo Moraiud : Drums


Space Fisters are a band that came to my attention when I was carrying out my usual BandCamp research on which bands to feature on the blog in the future. I came across them as their debut album cover intrigued the hell out of me. I listened to the track – Yellow Hills – currently streaming on their BandCamp Page. It impressed the hell out of me. Loud, brash, epic Stoner/Space Rock riffs laced with high amounts of FUZZ.

I contacted the band for a copy of their debut album and they gladly sent me one right away. So I pressed play and Vol. 1 simply crushed my whole world. Vol. 1 is 36 minutes of bone-crunching Fuzz that will appeal to fans of Sleep, Earthless, Truckfighters and Kyuss. Opening track – Short Daze – is a 9 minute plus monster where the emphasis is primarily on LOUD VIOLENT SOUNDS. Space Fisters sound ventures from Desert Rock, Space Rock, Stoner Rock and Fuzz that is held together by a drone based jamming atmosphere. Clément's vocals are not your usual standard fare as he brings a more grizzled, spacier and trippier type of vocals compared to other lead vocalists within the genres. Space Fisters have the same sort of heaviness as their fellow countrymen – Mars Red Sky.

It's a great track to open the album with. From then on things only get better as second track – Yellow Hills – continues the bombastic approach of the opening track. The Desert Rock/Stoner Rock vibe takes centre stage with some fast-paced instrumental work to show Space Fisters know how to play those instruments they called weapons of mass fuzz-destruction. Clément's vocals take centre stage with strange tales of weirdness to take you on a cosmic journey. This song has a progressive rock feel to it as the music can be very complex at times. Or that could be the Psychedelic Rock vibes of the band coming to hypnotise you. No matter as this is one of the albums standout tracks. It's a weird as hell psychedelic mind-trip that demands your full attention.

Third track – Goddess Of Love – is an interplanetry Stoner Rock love song. Well I think it is but what the hell do I know. I can tell you it's another finely tuned song full of insane Stoner/Fuzz/Space/Desert Rock riffs to rock out to. The FUZZ effect will make even the mighty Truckfighters feel jealous. Space Fisters venture from slow-paced riffs to more dangerous fast-paced riffs which will leave you breathless. This song feels like an extended jam session between friends and where everything feels out of control. Just enjoy the ride as you're gonna need your wits about you for the final track.

Space Fisters leave the best track till last with the majestic and weirdly captivating 14:30 minute epic – Bozz. This is where Space Fisters throw caution to the wind and say – FUCK IT – with a ton of great riffs to impress you with. It's the albums most creative song as it ventures into murky psychedelia with elements of Doom being added for one final battle. Clément's vocals are so out there as I haven't clue what he is singing about at times. It feels that he is struggling to breath at times. Unsettling to say the least. Just enjoy the ride as this is work of insane and twisted genius. It may not fit into the conventional Desert/Stoner Rock mould but it does make for one thrilling and disturbing encounter.

The production on Vol 1. is first rate through out. Space Fisters have created an excellent debut album that I hope finds them many fans within the Stoner Rock/Metal scene. It showcases another great band to check out from the awese French Stoner Metal scene.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Space Fisters for the promo. Vol. 1 will be available to buy on DD/Vinyl from December 20th 2014. I have already bought my copy on Vinyl.

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