Saturday 1 November 2014

Red Mess - Crimson EP (Review)

Crimson - EP (2014) cover art

Album Type: EP
Date Released: 27th September 2014
Label: Self Released

Zothique – Tracklisting

1.Trapped In My Mind 07:14
2.Hole 05:40
3.Stoneage Coopers 03:32
4.Through The Trees 05:30


Formed in 2012, Red Mess is a psychedelic/stoner band from Londrina, Brazil. They released an EP in 2014 titled "Crimson". In a near future will record an album and after that, make the largest number of shows as possible.


Douglas Villa - drums
Thiago Franzim - guitars/vocal
Lucas Klepa - bass


Red Mess is a young band from Brazil who are starting to gain some attention within the global Doom/Stoner Metal scene with their outstanding debut EP – Crimson. A stunning mix of Doom Metal, Stoner Metal and Psychedelic Rock that matches 70s Hard Rock and Psych Rock with a more modern groovy Stoner Metal sound.

Red Mess debut EP – Crimson – is one you need to download now as it's seriously that good. If the jam-based grooves of opening track – Trapped In My Mind – don't make you high then there is no hope for you. Each member shows off their musical prowess to a fine art. There are a high amount of insane instrumental solos on this track for you to check out.

The good thing about Red Mess is they have their own sound. They sound so damn fresh and original and it makes for one exciting listen. Check out the 2nd track Hole which ventures from Doom, Stoner and Hard Rock with relevant ease. It has some loud fuzz lurking in the background that sees Red Mess play to their strengths which is mainly the riffs and killer vocals.

Fans of Clutch are going to love these guys. Red Mess add layers of smooth crazy psych rock to take you on that extra spiritual journey without the need of herbal remedies. This pure sonic bliss that everyone should try once in their life. Look just headover to BandCamp and download this now as this is fucking incredible. Red Mess are one of the best upcoming South American Stoner Rock bands currently out there. This is a must have release. Download this now!!!

Words by Steve Howe

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