Monday 17 November 2014

OLDE - I (Album Review)

I cover art

Album Type: Album
Date Released: 11th November 2014
Label: Hypaethral Records

I – Track Listing

1.Roads that Lead Nowhere 04:21
2.Rise to Fall 04:04
3.Bodies on Bodies 04:32
4.Heart Attack 04:12
5.Changelings 04:02
6.Flies 05:08
7.Rebirth 05:20
8.Perimeter Walk 03:56


Ryan Aubin, Greg Dawson, Chris Hughes, Cory McCallum, Doug McLarty


Olde debut album - I - is a heavy as fuck collection of Sludge/Stoner riffs that owes a great debt to High On Fire, Sleep and Mastodon but still maintaining their own identity with loads of FUZZ thrown in for good measure. Olde are made up of members from the following bands - Cunter, Sons of Otis, Moneen, and JAWW. So you know I is going to be one loud, heavy wild and seedy ride. Opening track - Roads That Lead To Nowhere - starts with a low, mean and dirty guitar riff as it packs a powerful punch. The vocals have a certain Matt Pike influence around them. This is a confident, loud and violent track to open the album with, as Olde do not hold back especially where the lyrics are concerned. Olde is a band with sense and purpose as they unleash some powerful groovy progressive riffs towards the end of the song.

Second Track - Rise To Fall - is a strong contender for one of the albums standout tracks as the Bass Guitar feels it has been turned upto 11 for a grizzled loud chainsaw effect. The FUZZ factor goes into overdrive with hints of soulful blues-rock being used to great effect. You can feel every pounding drumbeat and riff taking over your entire body as the Sludge/Stoner effect goes into overdrive. Vocalist - is on fine form once again as he proves this is one band that cannot be messed with. The first two tracks give you a strong indication on how the rest of the album is going to play out. If you do not like the sound of the band by the 3rd track - Bodies On Bodies - then it is best to look elsewhere as Olde stay on course for a highly addictive ride that keeps you entertained through out.

The 3rd track features some of the albums bleakest lyrical content to show that Olde thrive venturing into the darkness and prove that Sludge/Stoner Metal can be very mysterious. Olde have created a loud and powerful album, as they do not hold back venting out their anger and fury upon to the world. Sure the band could of mixed things up bit especially where the riffs are concerned but do not let that put you off as Olde debut album is an absolute blast from start to finish. The production is excellent through out as you can hear, feel and live through each heavy pounding second that the album has in store for you. Check out awesome 4th track - Heart Attack – which sees Olde aiming for a more progressive sound as it ventures into High On Fire/Mastodon territory.

The 2nd half of the album features the heavier and progressive sounds as Olde turn into a more confident outfit showing you what they are fully capable of when unleashing heavy vocals and riffs with a dangerous edge. Tracks such as Changelings, Flies and Rebirth will have your heart pounding with each passing second. The dark and twisted Sludge/Stoner Metal riffs will have you begging for more. However, the vocals add a real sense of danger to the atmosphere, as Olde leave no stone unturned in providing a few chills along the way. You may hear a few NOLA-esque riffs lurking in the background, as there are a few hidden surprises for you to discover along the way.

OK, I have gone on long enough. Let us get down to business. I - is a thrilling, exciting and excellent debut album from these warped Sludge/Stoner metallers. Awesome and Highly Recommended. My final advice - Headover to BandCamp and download this now as it is available on Buy Now Download. If you do not then you are seriously missing something special here.

Words by Steve Howe

I is available to buy on DD/Vinyl from Hypaethral Records now.

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