Monday 24 November 2014

The Sludgelord & Doomed & Stoned Present: An Interview with Windhand at Day of the Shred Fest

On the 1st of November 2014, The Sludgelord continued our ongoing union with Doomed & Stoned by sending our intrepid contributor Frank Heredia along to the inaugral Day of the Shred fest in Santa Ana, California.  Over the next few days The Sludgelord and Doomed & Stoned will present a series of interviews from the festival, the first of which we share with you today.  

Frank was fortunate enough to speak with Garrett Morris and Dorthia Cotrell from Richmond, Virginia's Windhand, just before their trailblazing performance.  So sit back and on behalf The Sludgelord and Doomed & Stoned, enjoy the interview.  You can also check out our review of the festival here

Filmed & Edited by: Hugo Guzman
Inteview by: Frank Heredia