Saturday 22 November 2014

Spiders - Shake Electric (Album Review)

Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 4/11/2014
Label: Spinefarm Records

‘Shake Electric’ CD/DD/LP tracklisting:

1). Mad Dog
2). Shake Electric
3). Bleeding Heart
4). Only your Skin
5). Lonely Nights
6). Back on the Streets
7). Control
8). Give up the fight
9). Hard Times
10). War Of The World

The Band:

Ann-Sofie Hoyles | Vocals
John Hoyles | Guitar
Olle Griphammar | Bass
Richard Harrison | Drums


Spiders are doing throwback retro rock/metal that a lot of bands appear to gravitate too, right now, but they are indeed putting their own spin on it. This record is definitely a fun raucous record harkening back to Thin Lizzy and Kiss with standout female vocals, the kind of record you put on for a warm summer party.  There really isn’t a dud on this record, ill try to breakdown some of the high points.

“Mad Dog” starts things out with a stomping rhythm and Ann -Sofie’s unique voice. Next up is the album namesake “Shake Electric” and it is a pure unadulterated blast of late seventies pop rock with the best of intentions. And it pulls it off, think Kiss meets Joan Jet and you’ve got the right idea of this super fun track.  The next few songs follow the same pattern of good hooky rock songs with seventies pop sensibilities. Things speed up and get more urgent with track seven “Control”, a faster paced and slightly darker take on the formula laid down previously. This one gets your boot tapping and reminds you this is most definitely a rock and roll album.

Let’s just pump the brakes here and talk about track nine “Hard Times”, Spiders know they are doing throwback sounding rock and they do it very well but with this track they go way back, I’m talking super throwback here. There is a really different sound all over this track, the entire band do their best blues rendition with an almost classic r & b ballad, with the addition of a fuzz pedal and the singer mimicking a near perfect smoky soul vocal. This song is different from the rest of the record and with that it stands out and in turn is my favorite track on the record.

The last track sees Spiders revisiting the sound of the first part of the album, starting with a march into “War of the World”, this one acts as a showcase for all the aspects the band exhibited throughout the rest of the record and leaves a memorable closing to the album.

The immediate take away is that this is a fun rock record with a lot of great hooks and seventies pop feeling throughout, indeed there is a few real surprises and gems thrown in too, to keep things from getting redundant or stagnant. ‘Shake Electric’ is a great record to throw on for a party or anytime you want instant fun. If you’re a fan of the retro rock movement and are open to something with more unique twist, then definitely check these guys (and woman) out!

Words by: David Heaton

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