Monday 17 November 2014

Space Guerrilla - Boundless (EP Review)

Album Type: EP
Date Released: Sept 2014
Label: Self Released

Boundless – Track Listing

1. Lift Off
2. Deep Space Cruising
3. Interplanetary Violence
4. Event Horizon
5. Jurassic Grass


In August 2013, a journey through time and space began. The cosmonauts Angelo Boose (guitar), Cristiano Muniz (bass) and Guga RB (drums) reunited in the city of Porto Alegre, Southern Brazil, to start the deep space cruising by Space Guerrilla. Throughout long smokey reharsal sessions, they wrote five song which are part of its first EP “Boundless”, recorded at Hurricane Studio by the wizard Sebastian Carsin.

Gathering inspiration from distant galaxies, Space Guerrilla's music is influenced by stoner rock bands such as Kyuss, Queens of the Stone Age, Unida, Dozer, Truckfighters, Weedpecker, and 60's-70's rock bands like Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Cream and others.


Angelo Boose - guitar
Cristiano Muniz - bass
Gustavo RB - drums


Space Guerrilla's debut EP – Boundless – is a loud spacey vortex of volume and noise that transcends Instrumental Stoner Rock. If you're a fan of Karma To Burn, Earthless and spacier bands such as Hawkwind then these Brazilian Space Stoners are going to rock your universe and never mind your world.

Boundless is a fantastic EP from start to finish as it's packed with great riffs and the clever use of soundclips matched with the music gives the listener a true sense of awe and wonder. I loved this EP from the very first listen as it's an intelligent, thrilling and emotionally involving EP that you wouldn't expect from a Stoner Rock release such as this. I dare you not to be moved by the awesome tracks – Lift Off and Deep Space Calling. As Space Guerrilla prove without a doubt they are a band to look out for. It has some superb progressive riffs running through it's veins and one that will go down a storm with the Stoner Rock crowd.

It may of took me a while to take notice of these guys but I won't be making that mistake again as this EP is going to make you fly to the far reaches of space. It's a trippy psychedelic journey into the unknown. As the EP progresses to it's natural conclusion, you don't want it to end as the riffs will leave you in a hypnotic state. Interplanetary Violence has to be the standout track as Space Guerrilla are so far out there it maybe hard for them to come back down to earth. It has shades of Italian Cosmic Doomsters – L'Ira Del Baccano – but it's still a thrilling track in it's own right. The soundclips once again provide a highly intelligent feel as the band leave no stone unturned in playing some epic spacey jams for you to battle with.

I have a feeling we will be hearing a lot more of Space Guerrilla in the next 12 months or so. If some cool indie record label can sign these guys then they may have a special bands on their hands. Lets see what Space Guerilla can do on a full length record. Until then download this now as it's available for free download. It's an absolutely brilliant EP. Download this now. You won't be sorry.

Words by Steve Howe

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