Sunday 23 November 2014

OLMEG - Primordial Soup (Album Review)

Album Type: Album
Date Released: 12th December 2014
Label: Self Released

Primordial Soup – Track Listing

1. Trans-dimensional
2. Megalomaniac
3. The Wolves
4. Nest
5. Told You So
6. Scolder
7. Grinding The Gears
8. Mettle
9. Behind Disguise


OLMEG are on the never ending search for the big riff and the heaviest curly groove. The fuzzed–out, psychedelic rock power trio deliver masses of deep rolling Riffs that get inside your head.

OLMEG is the Masai term for ‘The Outsider’


Tim Byrne - drums
Jared Smith - guitars, vocals
Matt Dawkins - lead vocals, bass guitar


Rarely has a band name been so appropriate as with Olmeg. Albeit hailing from Melbourne, Australia, the band has taken their name from Masai and it means The Outsider. Yes, I stole this from the band's Facebook page but don't sue me because there's no money to be had. Seriously though, the name is perfectly fitting for them since their take on heavy psychedelic stoner rock is a rarity, a true gem within an oversaturated genre. No, you don't believe me? Read on then and see what I mean.

Heavy on reverb, fuzz and riffs just as psyched out stoner rock should be, Olmeg have added two brilliant ingredients which puts them light years ahead of the rest. The first is melody. Within all the heaviness, there's a lot of melody imbedded in the songs which in turn makes them so much better. Don't get me wrong, I love heavy music and riffs but to make a song unique you have to change it up. Olmeg does so by not piling riff upon riff, instead they expand the songs by letting them breathe by adding melody. This is even further enhanced by my second point...instrumental! Some of their songs are instrumental and I love that if it's done right. Since Olmeg are far beyond good, it is done right making this combination is a revelation.

Another aspect of their difference is how these two parts are blended with the band's psychedelic tendencies which involves long spaced out jams with a touch of blues added as extra flavour. Combining all this with heaviness, riffs, reverb, groove and fuzz you have a killer concoction that few others can match.

Special mention goes to the trippy and spacey 'Trans-dimensional' and 'Nest'. 'Told You So' is in the same vein but has more of jammy feel to it. 'The Wolves' is the proper stoner track while 'Mettle' is a mixture of it all.

Olmeg are a brilliant new acquaintance to me who sets the bar very high with 'Primordial Soup'. I love it when a band "sneaks" up on me unleashing an avalanche of great songs burying me deep in their in their wake. The guys have another full-length available, 'Slab' that I recommend as well. Fantastic music by a band that deserves world recognition!

Words by Håkan Nyman

Thanks to Robbie and OLMEG for the advanced promo. Primordial Soup will be available to buy from December 12th 2014. Headover to BandCamp where you can download their excellent debut album for free or Buy Now Download.

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