Sunday 30 November 2014

KUROKUMA - Band To Check Out


The crushing weight of a world ending, a desolate hallucinatory trip through dystopia

The Low-Down:

Kurokuma are a weird as hell Doom/Sludge Metal band from Sheffield, UK. I saw these guys opening up for H A R K / Ken Mode on their recent joint UK Tour. Kurokuma impressed the hell out of me as their music verges on Avant-Garde/Experimental Rock with violent slabs of Doom and Sludge Metal being used just for the sheer hell of it.

Imagine a more fucked up and crazier version of early Mastodon with vibes of The Melvins and Mr Bungle appearing here and there for one complete head-fuck experience. That's the only way I can describe them. You should see these guys live on stage as they're even more crazier though with a menacing and intriguing stage presence. It's a good job that Kurokuma have a Soundcloud page so you can witness this damn craziness for yourself.

OK, the band only offer two tracks but don't blame me that I didn't warn you for one crazy as hell ride. 18.2 Tons and Ursus Thibetanus – proves that Kurokuma have the potential to be something special within the UK Doom/Sludge Metal scene. All they need now is to release a debut EP or Album of some kind. As I really want to see what Kurokuma can do with a proper release of some sort.

Kurokuma – are a band you all need to check out now. Even if you hate them just give them a listen to fuck up your entire world for 12 mins or so. What's the harm in that!!!

Words by Steve Howe

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