Saturday 29 November 2014

Live Review: Conan @ The Underworld, Camden, London. 30.10.2014

Yet again I find myself in the Underworld, the dark underbelly of Camden, for another Conan show. What delights await me this time! Nothing but the most disgusting and slow doom of course! It’s been a few months since I've seen Conan, the last time was when they supported the fantastic High on Fire. Bar a new drummer not much has changed for the trio. Their sound was still as heavy as ever and their hoods still haven’t come down.

Part of what makes Conan such a spectacle live, is the fantastic sound. They are a band who absolutely have their sound sorted for this size venue. You can feel the air around you oscillate with electricity each time they strum their guitars. They have such a tight guitar sound that it just feels and sounds like a singular 20 foot guitar being played by a giant.

The low lighting and black hoodies add volume too. The look completes the desolate and bleak musical quality to give you a real trance inducing experience. They are definitely one of the most ‘metal’ bands I've seen live, perfectly matching music to attitude. They don’t need to swing their heads around and jump off the top of amp stacks to get the crown going. All they need to do is scream and look evil!

On to the subject of the new drummer, he is bloody great. He has a real Tryptikon vibe about him with amazing drum rolls and fills. His precision was perfect and execution was spot on. He made great use of cymbals too, not overdoing any aspect of his rhythm keeping.

My only complaint is by the end of the gig I was so deafened, that a gig I went to the day after was slightly ruined (this may be a sign that my hearing is ruined in general now however). As with the last few gig’s I've been to at the Underworld, the room is so reflective that you just feel ruined after. Time to invest in some ear plugs I think!

To anyone who has noticed a Conan gig coming up soon in their local area but is undecided about going, take it from me, these guys rule. You’ll be hard pressed to find such an atmospheric power trio who can suck you in and spit you out with such ferocity! Thanks for reading y’all!

Words by: Asher G. Alexander