Sunday 30 November 2014

Nelly Olsen - S/T (Album Review)

Nelly Olsen cover art

Album Type: Album
Date Released: 21st November 2014
Nelly Olsen – S/T – Track Listing

1.Disharmonious Sun 11:16
2.Nightwolf Schizophrene 07:20
3.Self-Deception 12:01
4.Devil's New Boots 05:51


Nelly Olsen, a doom power-trio from Leipzig, Germany, have just released their first LP on SM-Musik and Negation Records. Founded in 2011, these guys have put a lot of effort in producing a massive riff based Heavy Metal/Stoner/Doom-mixture, that expands the usual pentatonic/blues-scheme by blending epic melodies and one or another Post Rock-part.

As if the deserts of Sky Valley had mated with Icelandic Prog Rock.


Nelly Olsen – Wasn't she a character from Little House On The Prairie. I was a bit sceptical of a band naming themselves after a character from a crappy tv show from my childhood. Though I decided to give them a shot and wasn't I pleasently surprised.

This Nelly Olsen is a rather bleak Stoner/Doom Metal Trio from Germany that creates a hypnotic blend of Doom, Stoner, Psych and even Post-Rock for one highly captivating and intelligent ride. Their S/T debut album runs for 37 minutes but within that time they have created some haunting moods with bleak vocals to match. Imagine a trippier version of Pelican jamming with Kyuss. Now if that doesn't intrigue you then I don't know what will.

Opening track – Disharmonious Sun – plays out like a classic Generator Party with the end of the world in sight. It feels all the worlds stoners, droners and doom-heads would meetup for one gigantic musical party with Nelly Olsen playing in the background. It's fast paced sombre affair that shows what Nelly Olsen are all about. As I have said it's a rather bleak and trippy affair that has a ton of great Stoner Metal riffs to check out.

Second track – Nightwolf Schizophrene – carries on the mysterious bleak atmosphere with creepy moments starting to show with the unsettling bass guitar only adding to the creepy vibe. It has a more lo-fi sound commpared to the opening track though Nelly Olsen add excellent vocals to the mix. The song feels it was created in the 70s as the track feels it's being discovered for the first time by modern day audiences. It's a great track to prove how versatile and creative Nelly Olsen actually are.

I don't want to spoil the rest of the album for you with the remaining two tracks – Self-Deception and Devil's New Boots. Let me say if you dig the first two tracks then the 2nd half of the album is even more powerful and stunning than the first half. Nelly Olsen unleash more creepier and isane riffs to prove these guys are worth giving a damn about. Light up your favourite BONG then worship and bow down to NELLY OLSEN. A power trio with balls and menace to match.

Words by Steve Howe

You can buy Nelly Olsen S/T album on BandCamp Buy Now and Vinyl from Negation Records now.

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