Wednesday 5 February 2014

Funeral Horse - Savage Audio Demon EP

Savage Audio Demon cover art

Album Type: EP
Date Released: Jul 05th 2013
Label: Self Released on BandCamp

Savage Audio Demon - track listing:

1.The Fedayeen 07:27
2.Crushed Under Shame and Misery 03:04
3.Funeral Horse 06:04
4.Scatter My Ashes Over the Mississippi 04:48
5.Wings Ripped Apart 03:04
6.Invisible Hand of Revenge 05:00

The Band Members

Jason Argonaut - bass
Paul Bearer - guitar / vocals
Chris Larmour - drums


I am a bit late to the party with this excellent EP. But better late than never.

So what do we have with Funeral Horse and their stunning début EP – Savage Audio Demon. A blistering Doom/Stoner/Sludge Metal power trio from Houston, USA whose stunning EP is packed full of gigantic riffs to slay you with.

First track – The Fedayeen – instantly draws you in with it's hypnotic and tribal based riffs. This track has a killer psych edge running through it's veins. Embrace this track with open arms and you will justly be rewarded with stunning riffs to rock out to.

Second Track – Crushed Under Shame and Misery – sees the band expertly change styles altogether by going for a more man Hardcore Punk/Sludge Rock vibe compared to the excellent first track. It shows that Funeral Horse aren't afraid to experiment with their sound. It's a 3 minute Punk Rock track to show these guys can play fast-paced riffs if they want to compared to the psych hazy riffs of The Fedayeen.

Third Track – combines the the first two track vibes with a great dose of good old fashioned rock and roll and it's possibly the EP's finest track. This one had me rocking out from start to finish. Lead vocalist Paul is on fine form here though the band do experiment more with their sound by adding hazy sound effects for a great Punk/Stoner/Sludge Rock finish.

Funeral Horse start to feel more comfortable in their musical surroundings on the next track – Scatter My Ashes On The Mississippi. A Blues Rock/Punk Rock/Sludge Rock number that has plenty of great riffs to boogie on down to. Possibly the EP's finest track.

Wings Ripped Apart and Invisible Hand of Revenge end this EP on a great end. Each of them having their own different styles of riffs that will have you coming back for more. Wings Ripped Apart has some superb Thin Lizzy style guitar worship going on near the very end. So check it out just for that killer riff.

All in all, Funeral Horse have released a stunning début EP to check out. It bodes well for their eagerly awaited album due out on April 2014 and I will make it my mission to review it as quickly as possible.

You can check this EP out for yourselves as the band have it available for Buy Now Download from BandCamp now. So head-over there now and get yourself along to possibly the most fun funeral you're ever likely to goto.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

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Written by Steve Howe