Saturday 22 February 2014

HOME - Bound To Gravity - Album Review

Bound To Gravity cover art

Album Type:Album
Date Released: Feb 21st 2014
Label: Self Released/Sound Zero Records

Bound To Gravity track listing:

1.Hole 03:02
2.Next To Last 03:32
3.No Way Out, My Friend 03:32
4.Not Even Me 04:06
5.Burlesque 04:19
6.Old Hand 05:18
7.Kyoto 05:28
8.Horse Cable 02:51
9.Dead City 09:40


It all started in Austria back in 2009, when three longtime buddies gave up playing in separate bands and began creating music together. Just half a year later they released their first, self-titled EP, followed by a tour right across Germany.

Before starting work on their debut album 'Bound To Gravity', the three Austrians devoted a bit of time to their other individual projects. Hans-Peter Ganner played concerts with his other band 'Sahara Surfers', whilst guitarist Amadeus Mader wrote solo music (some of which featured on an advert for Adidas). Mathias Magerle furthered his career as a music producer.

After that, the guys went into HOME's own studio to get the album done, supervised by their own drummer. In contrast to modern 'Pro-Tools' albums they decided to record the album live and without a metronome. The aim was to get an organic, raw and heavy sound.

HOME have never really been bothered about being labeled as a Sludge or Post Hardcore band. On that note, you could also mention their slight tendencies to Math Core or their Stoner Rock influence. Whatever, as long as its heavy! Are you bound to gravity too?!

The Band Members

Hans-Peter Ganner - Bass & Vocals
Amadeus Mader - Guitar & Vocals
Mathias Magerle - Drums


Here is another album that has came out of nowhere and blown my whole world apart. HOME is an Austrian Sludge/Stoner/Noise/Post-Hardcore style band who are a band you need to check out now.

Their debut album – Bound To Gravity – is a loud and violent wall of noise that is packed full of anger and plenty of menace but still with heavy slabs of Sludge/Stoner Metal riffs to chew on. First track – Hole – feels like you're being kicked to the head over and over again. It's a heavy and powerful raw angry number that will soon get you into the mood of unleashing all that pent-up anger and aggression upon to the world.

HOME play very fast indeed. They never slow down for a second as they have a High On Fire style of intensity. Well imagine if High On Fire included Noise Rock into their classic sound and that's what you get with this album. Intense Sludge/Stoner Metal riffs that stays pissed off through out the album.

HOME destroy everything in their wake with the excellent tracks they have on offer here. Check out – “No Way Out, My Friend”, “Burlesque”, “Kyoto” and the brilliant 9 minute epic “Dead City”.

Dead City is definitely the album's stand out track as it shows HOME can play slow-paced melodies and riffs before unleashing some heavy sonic warfare into the mix. This track is worth it for the download alone. Trust me when I say that Dead City makes Bound To Gravity a brilliant and highly powerful album indeed.

The album is expertly produced as you can hear every dangerous riff to loud shattering perfection. This is an intense experience you won't easily forget.

Bound To Gravity is an album you need to listen to now. It's fucking amazing. Plain and Simple. Get downloading this now as HOME have this available for free download from BandCamp and Sound Zero Records. If you want to own a physical copy then please buy from here and here.

Written by Steve Howe