Thursday 20 February 2014

The Sludgelord News : NORTH: Arizona Post Sludge Metal Sorcerers Announce Forthcoming EP; Live Rituals Confirmed

Unsung atmospheric post sludge metal sorcerers, NORTH, are preparing to unleash the ethereal rumblings of their Metanoia 12" EP. Recorded and mixed by Dana Fehr Wavelab Studios in Tucson, Arizona with additional engineering by Chris Shultz and mastering by James Plotkin (OLD, Scorn, Khanate, Khlyst), the follow-up to the Arizona trio's critically adored, 2012-released, The Great Silencefull-length, which Decibel commended for its "wall of crushing, psychedelia-tinged post-Neur-Isis mania" and Scene Point Blank dubbed "strikingly beautiful and deeply satisfying," bears four sprawling tracks of thick, syrupy riff cascades, graveled vocal swells, epic climaxes and a gistly, otherworldy atmosphere.

Elaborates guitarist Matthew Mutterperl of the compelling offering, "Metanoia is defined as 'a change in one life's resulting from penitence or spiritual conversion.' Since our last LP, we've dealt with internal struggles that possibly could have stalled or stopped us completely, but there was a conscious effort. There were a series of moments where things changed, and where we needed to go, what we needed to do, and who we needed to be felt markedly different. This record is evidence of that; a preview of a newfound sense of being in a band, making music, and building complex relationships with good people for almost nine years. To me, the record couldn't have had any other title. It was the most appropriate."

Adds drummer Zachary Hansen, "The Great Silence was such a monumental opus and a task that we had to get off our chest after years of suffering; this record was the opposite really. We went into the brief writing process with the intention of getting a collection of quality tracks and then putting them the tracks out ourselves. Member turmoil and turnover be damned, this was getting done and we were going back out on the road, which is such an integral piece of this band. We could have easily messed around for a few more months and added another track or two, threw on some interludes and called it a full-length, but we wanted to show the real progression of a band coming off a massive release and prepping for another one in the near future. This is the transition EP, it's incredibly important to us in that aspect and hopefully will dictate to people that this band isn't going away for three years again. In many ways it's a coming out party.To borrow from Refused, this is the shape of NORTH to come."

Metanoia EP Track Listing:
1. Atrabilious
2. Nefelibata
3. Hiraeth
4. Master

Metanoia will be released independently on March 11, 2014, just one day before a nearly two-week bout of live takeovers throughout the Western portion of the US. See confirmed dates below.

NORTH 2014 Live Assaults:
3/12/2014 Club Congress - Tucson, AZ w/ Womb Tomb, Sleep Like Trees, Destroy Her
3/14/2014 Shaman Smith Studios - Las Vegas, NV w/ Sinful Serpent
3/15/2014 Jub Jub's Thirst Parlor - Reno, NV w/ Countress, Weight of the Tides
3/16/2014 TBA - Chico, CA
3/17/2014 The Know - Portland, OR w/ Towers, Die Like Gentlemen
3/18/2014 Deux Yeux Manor - Tacoma, WA w/ 'Lo There Do I See My Brother, X-Suns (Early show)
3/18/2014 Black Lodge - Seattle, WA w/ He Whose Ox Is Gored, Bréag Naofa, Witch Ripper
3/19/2014 Shredder - Boise, ID w/ Mariana
3/20/2014 Shred Shed - Salt Lake City, UT
3/21/2014 Matinee House Show - Laramie, WY
3/21/2014 Bar Bar - Denver, CO w/ Turbokrieg, Secret Prostitutes, Ghosts Of Glaciers, Khemmis
3/22/2014 Moonlight Lounge - Albuquerque, NM w/ Bathhouse
3/23/2014 TBA - Elpaso, TX
3/28/2014 191 Tool - Tucson, AZ w/ Deafheaven, Destruction Unit, Sex Prisoner

The vinyl edition of Metanoia will come in a limited run of 250: 100 clear and 150 black, hand packaged by the band in 100% recycled chipboard jackets, hand stamped front and back via the official NORTHBandcamp page and at upcoming shows.

Source : Earsplit PR