Wednesday 26 February 2014

THORUN - Festival At Fires Peak - Album Review

Album Type:Album
Date Released: Feb/Mar 2014
Label: Self Released

Festival At Fires Peak - Track listing:

1. Festival At Fires Peak 05:50
2. Growth of the Soil (Reprise) 07:32
3. The Senseless Squeak And Gibber Of Ghosts 06:47
4. You Dig 02:00
5. The Knarr 10:41
6. The Bitch Leaving the Body 03:37

The Band Members

Keeran Williams - Guitar
Jonny Evans - Guitar
Neal Palmer - Bass
Mike Johnson - Drums


A couple of years ago Wales laid claim in having two of the best instrumental Sludge Metal bands with Zonderhoof and Thorun within their ranks but things have changed slightly.

In 2013 Zonderhoof went on hiatus after forming into the brilliant Hogslayer. And it looked like Thorun would be going the same way early in 2014 as they calling it a day with Thorun though they decide to reform an entirely new band as a band member left. But the guys have decided to stay as Thorun and they have recruited a new member as well. Which I am very happy about, as I am a huge fan of these guys.

So what better way to celebrate the re-birth of Thorun with their best release of their careers so far. Their new album – Festival at Fires Peak. A stunning album of finely tuned instrumental sludge/stoner metal riffs. If you’re a already a fan of Thorun then be prepared to be blown away as they have released an album full of heavy pounding volcanic vibes that the excellent cover shows in all it’s Technicolor glory.

First track – Festival at Fires Peak – is a brooding fast-paced Sludge/Stoner track with plenty of muscle behind the music. It shows Thorun have taken a more progressive feel with their music. Even without vocals, this track has a haunting vision with Thorun adding psychedelic doom riffs here and there. The instrumental work is flawless here. Every note is played with epic precision. If you are a fan of Pelican, Karma to Burn and Sardonis then you will have some new riff-lords to admire. Wait until the 4-minute mark when Thorun expertly drift from slow paced melodies to faster and more aggressive sludge riffs.

Second Track – Growth of the Soil (Reprise) – is the first of three epic tracks the band have written. Thorun slowly bide their time in creating slow paced atmospheric riffs for the first minute or so before unleashing their fury onto the unsuspecting listener. This is the real Thorun announcing their arrival to the world. A band that can play wit h the very best instrumental rock bands currently out there. This track comes crushing around you from all directions with the band showing the world what superb musicians they really are. Heavy and intense pounding drums combining with crushing guitar riffs that will have you rocking out in no time at all. Definitely one of the albums standout tracks.

Thorun show their sludge metal credentials once again on the brilliantly titled – The Senseless Squeak and Gibber of Ghosts. A track with brooding slow-paced riffs with the more aggressive faster paced sludge/stoner metal carnage that is you will slowly becoming addicted to. This is very powerful stuff indeed. Embrace the riff!!!

Thorun slow things right down on the fourth track – You Dig – a 2:00 minute slow based ambient track matched against a highly political soundclip, which I did not expect at all on an album like this. This track will definitely get you in the mood for the album’s standout track – The Knarr.

The Knarr is a brooding and mysterious 11-minute epic where Thorun unleash all their power into one epic perilous journey of blazing loud dangerous riffs. It does start rather slowly before unleashing multiple sonic riffs that will leave you in an emotional state. This track does show Thorun in a more reflective mood compared to the earlier tracks but it is still one powerful epic journey that will have you on the edge of your seat.

Though Thorun go back to their Sludge based hard-rocking ways on the last great track. A short track called – Leaving The Body – that gets straight down to business of rocking out. The music is played at a great fast paced which you will soon find yourself lost in from the constant great riffs coming your way. It ends this album in the best way possible. Leaving you wanting more. So hit Play and embrace this great album once again for what it is.

A truly stunning instrumental rock album that is a brilliant ride from start to finish.

Awesome. End Of.

Thanks to Thorun for sending me a promo to review. Festival at Fires Peak will be available to buy soon.

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Written by Steve Howe