Sunday 9 February 2014

Sun Shepherd - Procession Of Trampling Hoof

Procession of Trampling Hoof cover art

Album Type:Album
Date Released: Feb 02nd 2014
Label: Self Released

Procession of Trampling Hoof - track listing:

1.Prevails the Beast 07:32
2.Ant Of The Mound 10:34
3.Goat-Head Awakening 09:52
4.Engulfed By Ocean Of Time 11:14
5.Awaiting The Firepit 09:45
6.Exploding Sun 2006 (bonus track)


Ultra heavy improv-rich riff-rock! John coltrane was awesome in the we he erupted and the band all came back together again with great hooks. That's what we attempt to do.

Listening to our jam-metal is like lubricating your ears with fine oil while a dragon slithers inside your mind as you crush stuff with a battle axe!

Procession Of Trampling Hoof" is the second Sun Shepherd album. The ultra-heavy processions of tectonic rock/doom riffage are underlying in all songs. The tones are subducting, drawing us deeper towards the core as a result of their inertia and specific gravity. The guitar/bass/drums jams are fuelled from the energy within these individuals, who's instruments are the voices that uplift mountains and volcanoes, giving life and experience to the world above.

The overlying set of lyrics--that is, the volcanic ash could--all generally relate to the Mystery of Experience that each one of us, at one time or another, is confronted by. What is our true source of strength? What will the large-time unfolding of events bring, and how will it be dealt with? How far can we get in this life? What mask shall we wear?

The Band Members

Anson, Leigh, Michael


I have to thank excellent radio station – Hand Of Doom Radio – for this tip for this awesome and almighty Doom/Cosmic/Jam Metal band from Down Under.

Damn these Aussies can rock out with the best of them. Sun Shepherd are here to blow you entire world apart with their amazing new album – Procession of Trampling Hoof. You need to download this now from BandCamp now as it's available for free download. Get it before they are gone...

What can you expect from the album. Epic slabs of Sabbathian based Doom Metal infused with superb jam based Stoner Metal riffs. Watch out for those crazy possessed vocals as they are as powerful of the riffs the band have created to possess your soul.

First track – Prevails The Beast – is an eerie demonic affair with a lot going on so you will definitely need your wits about you for this track. Sun Shepherd play their music heavy, angry and loud with slight occult vibe lurking in the background.

If you're a fan of Sabbath, Trouble, Pentagram, YOB and Saint Vitus then Sun Shepherd are your new overlords waiting to sell your souls too....

Sun Shepherd embrace the energy of those legendary bands while still maintaining their own demonic identity within the albums 60 minute running time. Don't let that epic running time put you off as the time just flies by. Riff after Riff are thrown at you from every direction. The instrumental work is excellent through out especially the drumming as it's intense and from the start.

My advice – Play this album in a dark room and the loudest speakers you have. Crank up the volume to Max and you will soon be in musical heaven or hell depending on the type of mood you're in.

Check out tracks – Goat-Head Awakening, Ant Of The Mound and Awaiting The Firepit – to see why Sun Shepherd have released one of the finest Doom Metal bands this year. Epic riffs matched with eerie tales of darkness which embraces the darkness lurking in us all.

Download this now as you're going to love this album. It's a fucking brilliant album. Embrace the riff!!!!

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Written by Steve Howe