Thursday 27 February 2014

The Sludgelord News : FOSSILS: Full Album From Danish Instrumental Maniacs Streaming At No Clean Singing

Flesh Hammer To See Release This Monday Via Indisciplinarian
Denmark's off-the-chain drums/bass duo, FOSSILS, is ready to provide their meaty sophomore LP, Flesh Hammer, this coming Monday, March 3rd.
FOSSILS' succinctly pulverizing Flesh Hammer is packed with ten precise, noisy, no-bullshit pieces of instrumental noise rock in twenty minutes, produced by Danish sound-enigma Q (Beta Satan, Entombed). The past several weeks saw FOSSILS careening on a rambunctious pre-release propaganda campaign which included virtually giving the entire album as in-studio videos one-by-one, as well as the release of a video filmed in an abandoned factory in Philadelphia after midnight where the band and album names were laser-etched onto a slab of beef jerky. Now, for their final swindle before the dropping of the Flesh Hammer, the entire album has been carved up and served over at No Clean Singing in one big old family-style helping for all to gorge upon, the open-all-day purveyor noting of the platter, "Fossils do create skull-splitting grooves, but they also generate a storm of hornet-swarm riffs that veer from feedback-drenched cacophony to some seriously spine-shaking rock 'n' roll. It's more than slightly unhinged - it's rude, raving, and radioactive."
Leave your utensils behind; get your hands dirty and feast on the Flesh Hammer right now, RIGHT HERE.
And just because the record is streaming now, doesn't mean you can't still scope out that gnarly laser vs. beef jerky episode with the "Filet Horizon" video playing HERE.
The bangin' Flesh Hammer wax -- limited to 300 copies on virgin black vinyl -- is shipping now! Order direct from the sole North American meatmarket carrying the Flesh Hammer, Earsplit Distro, right HERE or direct from Indisciplinarian web shop HERE.
The release Flesh Hammer will be celebrated with two Danish release shows, at Radar in Aarhus on February 28th and at Beta in Copenhagen, on March 1st. In the unconventional spirit of FOSSILS, these will not simply be "typical" release shows with the usual canapés and support bands, but instead an overload of awesome musical guests will be involved in each of the performances, not at least at the Aarhus gig where the program is quite overwhelming. Aarhus will see the resurrection of FOSSILS' old band, the local high-octane rock n' roll heroes, Studson playing a sweet set of oldies but goodies. Then FOSSILS will mutate into their own doom version, Slissof, covering an old Cola Freaks-classic with several guests from Cola Freaks, Rising and Studson. Hereafter, FOSSILS will perform Flesh Hammer from beginning to end, and finally the dynamic duo concludes the show when joined by numerous vocalists such as Jacob Bredahl (The Kandidate, ex-HateSphere) and Kim Kix (Powersolo) who will interpret various FOSSILS compositions from earlier releases. In Copenhagen FOSSILS will play a more straight-up set and special guests will be the aforementioned Studson and new local rock outfit, Weak.
FOSSILS Flesh Hammer Record Release Shows:
2/28/2014 Beta - Copenhagen, Denmark
3/01/2014 Radar - Arhaus, Denmark
"This here is well written yet chaotic buzzing and distorted bass and drum instrumental attacks bouncing off your skull in a jackhammer whir of snare hits and tom rolls, screeching noise and sped up Tool riffs. Insane cymbal work and especially addictive kick drum patterns... Show your teeth!" - Metal Riot
"My bobble-head was nodding by the time it ended (I'm talking about the thing that sits between my shoulders)." - No Clean Singing
"These Danish fellows are energetic and loud, and while they like to keep things short, they pack as much noise as they can into each and every track... Imagine The Jesus Lizard and Kylesa combined forces... Their music is loud and constantly shifting rhythms and tempos." - Media Snobs

Source : EarSplit PR