Sunday 16 February 2014

Iron Witch & The Atrocity Exhibit 7"

Iron Witch & The Atrocity Exhibit 7" cover art

Album Type:7”
Date Released: Oct 31st 2013
Label: Witch Hunter Records

Iron Witch & The Atrocity Exhibit 7" - track listing:

Iron Witch - Her Cheating Heart 6:42
The Atrocity Exhibit - Throne Of Bile 6:02

Iron Witch Band Members

Dan Fane - Guitar
Will Adams - Drums
Sam Rushton - Guitar
Chris Fane - Vocals
Rick Owen- Bass

The Atrocity Exhibit Band Members

James Caygill - Vocals/Guitar
Fuzzy Dave - Bass/Vocals
Matt Downes - Drums


Now I am going to let the press bio from Witch Hunter Records/Dead Chemist Records do all of the talking of this excellent and brutally heavy split 7” single as it will tell you all you need to know about two of the UK's loudest and heaviest bands you all need to check out now.

Iron Witch, the reigning kings of UK sludge, team up with the magnificently bearded grindcore/sludge berserkers The Atrocity Exhibit for this 7" split of pure audio carnage. 1 track each, both 6 minutes long, both designed to make your brain leak out through your nostrils such is the sheer force of the music contained within these grooves. The Atrocity Exhibit swerve the use of blistering speed sometimes shown in their past work and instead spit out the snail-paced 'Throne Of Bile', a masterclass in tension-filled suffering; a track rippling with a violent, unpredictable swagger that's constantly threatening to explode in your face. Iron Witch offer no respite, with 'Her Cheating Heart' being perhaps their best song yet; a track of such colossal heaviness and down-tuned, down-beat, forceful depression that's it's like having your face forced down into the muck that lines the banks of the Mersey. With both bands on such rampantly aggressive form, this is without a doubt the ugliest 7" to crawl its way out of the UK this year.

Iron Witch track was recorded by Bri and Devo Doom at the 1in12 Studio, Bradford, in September 2013

The Atrocity Exhibit track was recorded, mixed and mastered by Ian Boult at Stuck On A Name Studios, Nottingham, in July 2012

A joint release between Dead Chemists and Witch Hunter Records, this split 7" is limited to 500 copies, on none more black vinyl, and comes with a 4 panel gatefold sleeve, with artwork & layout by James Caygill

This 7” release is loud, brutal and heavy from the word go and it shows two amazing bands at the top of their game. Two 6 minute epic songs packed full of epic violent riffs if you like your music that little bit dangerous. Iron Witch and The Atrocity Exhibit lay their souls on the line here and it makes for deeply uncomfortable listening.

So do yourself a favour and listen to this brutal record at full blast and witness British Underground Sludge Metal/Grindore Metal at it's finest.

Another brilliant release from Witch Hunter Records which you buy on Vinyl now or Buy Now Download if you want to check out before you buy. Check out the other excellent releases from Witch Hunter Records. Loads of great stuff to buy and even a few free downloads to check out as well.

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Written by Steve Howe