Sunday 9 February 2014

Palmanana - Green - Album Review

Green cover art

Album Type:Album
Date Released: Dec 21th 2013
Label: Self Released

Green track listing:

1.Cameltoe 05:53
2.Red Grinder 01:57
3.Leviathan Awaits 10:17
4.Goatpussy 04:57
5.Tremorsland 00:42
6.Green 07:16
7.Day Two 04:57
8.Mousetrap 06:15
9.The Gift 03:08
10.Universal Instant Trip 05:37
11.Ken's Revenge 05:38
12.Sunflora 12:05
13.Cosmic Cactus 03:35


Palmanana are the result of the previous project called "Palmanana Operation". We ain't going deeper in the history of the band: totally different story, sound and members. To keep it simple, Palmanana were born during the hot summer of 2012. Riccardo was a young guitar player in love with Grindcore and Death Metal, playing Guthrie Govan songs in his spare time. Emanuele was searching musicians to form a stable musical project (easier said than done, in Palermo). Giulio played in EVERY POSSIBLE BAND of the scene. No, not everyone, but he was really close. The guys talk, play and Palmanana are born. After the "Operation" experience, the objective of these guys is to play whatever they feel like and they start composing and playing until september 2012 (or october, maybe), when they release their totally D.I.Y. first 7-track EP: "Origin of the Green" or "Palmanana" (it depends if you bought the physical copy or if you downloaded it), now available on Bandcamp and Youtube.

The Band Members

Riccardo Ingrao - Guitar and Vocals
Emanuele Tantillo - Bass and Vocals
Giulio Scavuzzo - Drums and Vocals


So we all love FUZZ in our Stoner Rock don't we? - Well I do. Here is a band who lay on the Fuzz in a big way. Along with hazy Psychedelic Jams, A touch of moody blues rock and huge lashings of epic Desert/Stoner Rock riffs that will leave you with a warm glow inside.

Ladies and Gentleman, Let me introduce you to the coolest band you may never heard of – Palmanana – A Italian Psych Stoner Rock trio who will rock your world with their excellent début album – GREEN. A 13 song opus full of action packed tunes that embraces the darker side of the Desert Rock/Stoner Rock scene.

This band could only come from Italy. Italy has such a unique flair for Stoner Rock that you know you're in for a great wild ride as Italian Stoner Rock Bands don't play by the rule book. They rip up the rule book and write their own rules which you can't help fall instantly in love with.

And that's the vibe you get from Green. It's a stunning musical odyssey which defies musical boundaries all told through the power of the mighty riff...

Palmanana have written a truly brilliant album which will hopefully see them gain some major exposure with the Stoner Rock Scene. I defy you not to be moved or rocking out from the awesome vibes from – Cameltoe, Goatpussy, The Gift and Ken's Revenge. As these tracks are packed full of epic jam based riffs that will give you a powerful musical high without the aid of a certain substance.

Damn this music is good and addictive it should be declared illegal. This hard-rocking power-trio each share vocal duties and it makes Palmanana a brilliant band indeed. The guys have added some excellent humour into their music especially with the song titles but they don't fuck about with their music as these guys seriously kick-ass.

Imagine if Kyuss took a few magical trips experimenting with LSD and copious amounts of Weed then this would be the weird and wonderful result. This is Desert Rock/Stoner Rock at it's most experimental and it makes for one wild trippy ride.

Though the band do have a Progressive Rock edge to their music. They have written a few epic tracks that run between 7 mins to 13 mins in length. And it's on these tracks such as Green, Leviathan Awaits and Sunflora where the band will impress you the most. The way they blend different noises and riffs with lo-fi atmospherics will leave you crying out for more.

It's brilliantly produced and played by all involved. I am totally surprised that album has passed almost everyone unnoticed as it's brilliant. Plain and simple – you need this album in your record collection.

So headover to BandCamp now and download this now. You won't be sorry!!!

Brilliant and Highly Recommended.

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Written by Steve Howe