Sunday 16 February 2014

PIST - Riffology - EP Review

PIST - Riffology cover art

Album Type: EP
Date Released: Feb 10th 2014
Label: When Planets Collide

Riffology - track listing:

1.Wither 04:33
2.Gutter Slut 02:58
3.Rats in their own Haunts 01:36
4.Dispose 03:26
5.Pist 04:44


Formed in December 2013, PIST are moving at breakneck speed. The 4 piece riff merchants, from Greater Manchester, already have the release of their 5 track EP 'Riffology' and a May UK tour in their sights. Singer Dave Rowlands and Drummer Andy Hunt have played together for over a decade, bringing into the fold Guitarist John Nicholson and Bassist Michael Collins - the four members regularly jam over some beers and the riffs flow.

The band immediately caught the attention of Gurt's Gareth Kelly, who instantly stepped up to release their inital offering via his When Planets Collide label. Recorded in one weekend at Skyhammer Studios with producer Chris Fielding (Conan, Winterfylleth, Electric Wizard, Napalm Death) at the helm, 'Riffology' showcases PISTs heavy and groovy jams perfectly and is as much a statement of intent as a debut EP.

Not content with simply being part of a scene, the members of PIST are also busy organising the scene - with 3/4 of the band independently promoting shows in Manchester, including the upcoming Orange Goblin headlined 'F.O.A.D.' Festival at Sound Control.

2014 will see PIST spread their noise across the UK, moving straight from the EP into writing their debut album.

PIST Members

Dave Rowlands - Vocals
John Nicholson - Guitars
Mike Collins - Bass
Andy Hunt - Drums


So here is UK hotly tipped Stoners – PIST – debut EP – Riffology. And it's brilliantly titled as this EP is full of head-banging, groove slinging RIFFS.

If ever an release was meant for riffs then this is definitely it. How the fuck has this band created a great release such as this even though they have only been together for 3 months or so. It shouldn't happen but to PIST's credit they have delivered a stunning EP which should see these Stoner Rockers go very far indeed.

First track Wither – will show you what a great band they actually are. It's hard-rocking affair that will soon get you into the groove with it's pulsating mix of Hard Rock, Doom, Sludge and Stoner Metal that will make you a fan right away.

Second track – Gutter Slut – feels like the bastard offspring of AC/DC and Orange Goblin as lead vocalist – Dave – channels his Brian Johnson inner persona with the band matching some pounding riffs that the legendary Orange Goblin would be proud to call their own. Definitely my fave track off the EP as it gets straight down to business in rocking out.

Though PIST do show their tender side on the next track – Rats in Their Own Haunts – a spellbinding slow burning track which oozes atmosphere something I wouldn't expect from a band like PIST. And I mean that as a compliment.

But the band go back to their Stoner Metal roots with the excellent track – Dispose – which shows the band in fine hard-rocking form. Blazing riffs and vocals combine for 4 minutes of finely tuned riffs which you can't help but head-bang to.

PIST leave the best track for last with the track – PIST. An almost 5 minute track blending Hard Rock and Stoner Metal riffs that once again has a certain AC/DC vibe and that is no bad thing. PIST won't change the world with their music but Riffology proves they have the potential to go very far indeed.

Riffology is an excellent debut EP and I for one can't wait to hear what their full length brings. Riffology is available to buy on BandCamp Buy Now Download. Just download this now. You won't be sorry.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

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Written by Steve Howe