Wednesday 12 February 2014

KAMCHATKA - The Search Goes On - Album Review

The Search Goes On

Despotz Records
19 February 2014

The songs:

1. Somedays
2. Tango Decadence
3. Coast To Coast
4. Son Of The Sea
5. Broken Man
6. Pressure
7. Cross The Distance
8. Thank You For Your Time
9. Dragons
10. The Search Goes On

The band:

Thomas"Juneor"Andersson - vocals and guitar
Tobias Strandvik - drums
Per Wiberg - bass guitar, vocals, keyboards

I first came across these fine Swedish gentlemen by pure coincidence back in 2007. They opened up for Clutch and The Sword on a couple of Swedish gigs and I happened to be present when the tour package hit the club Sticky Fingers in Gothenburg. Everybody, yours truly included, were blown away by Kamchatka's exceptional talent and their knack for creating sweet tones. As fantastic as they were then, I have to sadly admit I lost track of them. A million reasons can be given for that but that's beside the point because Kamchatka are back in my life with a truly amazing new album, 'The Search Must Go On'.

Having lost longtime bassist, singer and songwriter Roger Örjesson since the last album, 'Bury Your Roots' has clearly not affected the band negatively as his replacement, Per Wiberg, fits in perfectly with his deep thunderous bass playing. Wiberg, formerly with Opeth, has assisted the band on previous releases playing keyboards and organs but upon becoming a fulltime member he switched to the four-string axe.

Taking their cue from 60's and 70's heavy blues, stoner rock and psychedelica infused with touch of heavy-ass rock, this power trio mesmerizes me track through track and with each spin new angles presents themselves. To me that's because the guys seem so relaxed and confident in what they are doing and since they have the talent to match, the songs are so organic, free-flowing and absolutely stunning.

The newly formed rhythm section fires on all cylinders giving frontman "Juneor" free reign at the guitar and you can tell how much he loves that. The stuff he pulls off is truly inspiring. Whether it's chugging riffs via groove to wailing guitar solos his excellene shines brightly...add to this his excellent voice and you have a flawless combination! The man sounds like Glenn Hughes in his prime but with a more bluesy feel and he sends chills down my spine when he hits the high notes all while making his guitar cry. Regardless of your musical preferences this is just about as good as it gets folks...that's all I'm saying!

I'm getting so many flashbacks listening to 'The Search Goes On' because this is the stuff I grew up on but with a modern twist, and I mean that in the best possible way. Having been raised on Thin Lizzy, UFO, Deep Purple, Ten Years After as well as blues afficinados like Lightnin' Hopkins, Kamchatka comes across like a breath of fresh air. If I close my eyes I'm transported back to my childhood room where countless hours were spent listening and dissecting the albums I loved growing up. Most of which I still love. So to discover a band like Kamchatka who takes the old with the new, blends them together and like a alchemist make gold, is a revelation. More of this's fantastic!

Håkan Nyman

Thanks to Brian at Fresno Media for sending ourselves a promo of this excellent album to review. The Search Goes On will be avialable to buy from Despotz Records from Feb 19th 2014.

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