Monday 3 February 2014

The Sludgelord News : YAUTJA: Next Phase Of Pre-Release Warfare Hosted By Invisible Oranges

In the ongoing pre-release shock-and-awe style disbursement of audio from Songs Of Descent¸ the debut LP from Nashville trio, YAUTJA, another new track is fired into the population.

Invisible Oranges today proudly joins the YAUTJA opposition, stating "Who wouldn't want to hear a mosh riff that's been kidnapped by the AmRep roster and fed a bunch of drugs?" The track being deployed at I/O is the mammoth, lurching, "Denihilist," appearing in the #2 cannon of the album's vast fourteen-track arsenal. Stating about the track specifically, the text joining the audio concludes, "Denihilist"'s live-wire crack snare and fill-heavy second half is more than a little reminiscent ofRemission-era Mastodon, which all but fools will agree is never a bad thing. So, while YAUTJA's sound is at times cozily familiar, it's also compellingly recombinant. And, sweet baby Moses in a reed basket, when they hit one of those lurches, you might want to take care that your internal organs don't just jump right through your skin. Only music with such a combination of smarts and tactile power can put your body in two places at once."

Open fire with "Denihilist" via Invisible Oranges AT THIS LOCATION.

Also revisit the previously deployed "Faith Resigned" at Noisey RIGHT HERE and "Concrete Tongue" via Lambgoat HERE.

Forcefield Records will release Songs Of Descent via download and 12" LP on February 11th, the digital version mastered by Mikey Allred and the vinyl mastered by Zack Allen of Obsidian Eye Studios (Loss, Recluse, Sky Burial). Preorders for the wax are now being taken at Forcefield's webstore; limited to five hundred copies, joined by a poster, the first pressing of the LP is available on white waxHERE or gold and black wax, HERE.

The last few shows completing the itinerary for YAUTJA's next tour in support of Songs Of Descentare still being locked down, the two-and-a-half week set to infiltrate the eastern half of the country fromFebruary 1st through the 16th, ending with a celebratory hometown record release show.

YAUTJA Tour Dates:
2/01/2014 Buccaneer Lounge - Memphis, TN w/ Seraphim
2/02/2014 CBGB - St. Louis, MO
2/03/2014 Dude, Where's My House - Milwaukee, WI w/ Falter, No Brainer
2/04/2014 Albion House - Chicago, IL
2/05/2014 The Precinct - Detroit, MI
2/06/2014 The Mr. Roboto Project - Pittsburgh, PA
2/07/2014 Crayola House - Harrisonburg, VA
2/08/2014 Wolf Cycles - Philadelphia, PA w/ Fantasy Panther
2/09/2014 The Acheron - Brooklyn, NY w/ Geryon, Psalm Zero, Kevin Hufnagel
2/10/2014 Roggies - Boston, MA
2/11/2014 TBA/help! - New Brunswick, NJ
2/12/2014 Ottobar - Baltimore, MD
2/13/2014 V.S.C. - Richmond, VA w/ Prisoner
2/14/2014 TBA/help! - Asheville, NC w/ King Dirt
2/15/2014 WonderRoot - Atlanta, GA
2/16/2014 The Stone Fox - Nashville, TN *release show w/ Ramming Speed, Cove, Act of Impalement

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Source : EarSplit PR