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Tricorn - Walk Of Shame - Album Review

Tricorn 'The Walk Of Shame'

Album Type:Album
Date Released: Oct 28th 2013
Label: Bad Shrink Records

The Walk Of Shame track listing:

1 – Lady 5:14
2 – Astral Dreams 3:12
3 – Slipstream 2:51
4 – Falsify 4:56
5 – Dogs Unleashed 2:43
6 – Serpentine 4:05
7 - Black Devil's Smoke 6:09
8 – Step Outside 5:47
9 – Therapist 5:07


Tricorn started life in 2008 in Portsmouth, England, formed by guitarist/vocalist Billy Dyne and drummer Simon Lopez. After playing live shows in the south of England, the band decided to record their debut, self titled album which was warmly received by the UK press, with the following reviews from major publications:

''If you want music to ride motorcycles, drink beer, stroke your beard or start a bar fight to, Tricorn's Debuts delivers, 7/10'' - Classic Rock Magazine

''If down tuned, brawny and riffy hard rock is your poison, Tricorn will very much be your cup of tea. Or probably something stronger, we won't tell!'' - Metal hammer

Tricorn followed the release of their debut with shows both in UK and in Europe, and supported high profile bands such as Truckfighters (Sweden), Karma To Burn (US) Stinking Lizaveta (US), and have developed a reputation for intense live shows. Following this early success, Tricorn are very happy to announce that the the band now has a new line up as well as a new album, 'The Walk of Shame'.

'The Walk of Shame' was recorded in Thessalonki, Greece, and is set to be released in September 2013 through Bad Shrink Records. This features 9 straight up shots of hard rock, packed with bone crunching riffs and catchy vocal hooks. There's no frills here, just four guys having one hell of a time playing whiskey fuelled licks and insisting on starting a party. Come along for the ride……

The Band Members

Billy - Vocals/Guitar
Constantine - Guitar
Simon - Drums
Adam - Bass


Tricorn's second album – The Walk Of Shame – is currently causing a scene within the UK Rock scene with it's catchy kick-ass riffs and hard-rocking Stoner Rocks vibes that shows why Tricorn are highly thought of.

Take a pinch of Thin Lizzy, Alice In Chains, Orange Goblin and Legendary Stoners – Kyuss and you have the ingredients for an excellent album packed full of great songs. This is all KILLER AND NO FILLER.

Tricorn blaze through their tracks like an uncontrollable mad-man stalking his next victim. Opening track – Lady – is one damn fine 5 minute ride that will soon get you into the groove. Fast-paced riffs being played like the band's lives depended on it. Vocalist Billy could give Ben Ward a run of his money with his perfectly pitched vocals and growls.

Maybe Tricorn do wear their influences on their sleeves but they do it with honour, gusto and pride. It's great to hear a band paying homage to their musical heroes and still displaying a great sound of their own. The Walk Of Shame is an intense blast of Stoner Rock/Hard Rock riffs and it proves once again why the UK Stoner/Hard Rock is flourishing. It's thanks to bands like Tricorn who definitely prove they have a very bright and long career ahead of them.

I will admit I was a bit sceptical about this band as I saw a couple of YouTube Videos and they didn't quite gel with me at first. But all doubts were gone when I listened to The Walk Of Shame. Tracks such as Falsify, Serpentine, Black Devil's Smoke and Therapist will have you begging for more. As Tricorn know how to write lean and mean angry pissed off Stoner Rock anthems that will speak to any generation of Stoners, myself included.

Play this album nice and loud folks as that's the way it's meant to be played. If you missed the Grunge/Stoner Metal heyday of the 1990's when the riff was king – then please embrace this band as Tricorn are bring back those classic Grunge/Stoner Metal riffs kicking and screaming into the 21st Century. Mission accomplished fellas – Welcome To The Big Time!!!

The Walk Of Shame is fantastic album that I can't recommend highly enough. I urge you to check these guys out now. You won't be sorry!!!

Thanks to the band for sending me a copy. The Walk Of Shame is available to buy from all good stockists now on the band's own record label – Bad Shrink Records.

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Written by Steve Howe