Wednesday 26 February 2014

Shrapnel - The Virus Conspires - Album Review

Shrapnel - The Virus Conspires

Album Type : Full Length
Date Released : 3/2/2014
Label : Candlelight Records

The Virus Conspires, album track listing :

1). Kingdom Come 02:45
2). Titan 03:49
3). Braindead 02:42
4). 22 04:22
5). The Virus Conspires 05:17
6). The Wake 03:57
7). Red Terror 04:02
8). The Watchers 03:57
9). Pseudocommando 05:16
10). Poison the Mind 03:34
11). All That We Know 04:02.

Bio :

Thrash metal has been pumping our veins full of hot adrenalin for the last three decades and regardless of commercial peaks and troughs, it continues to be the true fire that burns within heavy metal’s immortal heart. Exploding out from the deceptively genteel streets of Norwich, England, riff-wielding die-hards Shrapnel are one of the finest new bands to proclaim their devotion to keeping the thrash flame blazing.

Formed in April 2009, this five-man wrecking crew began their campaign of destruction disgusted with the lack of a vibrant local metal scene. Driven to provide what few others seemed to be doing, Shrapnel pooled their myriad influences and came up with a sound that revolves around formidable core of pure-to-the-bone thrash and speed metal, but that never fails to keep one eye on the future of the genre too. Proudly citing the likes of Megadeth, Slayer, Testament and Exodus as influences, the band have also assimilated elements of everything from traditional heavy metal to modern death metal. The result is a thrilling lesson in neck-wrecking sonic violence

The Band :

Adam Reed | Bass
Simon Jackson | Drums
Nathan Sadd | Guitars (Lead)
Chris Martin | Guitars (Rhythm)
Jae Hadley | Vocal

Review :




Was that Tom Araya I just heard? What? No? What d’you mean no?! It’s actually Jae Hadley, vocalist for Norwich-based thrash band Shrapnel? And they’ve just brought out their brand new album ‘The Virus Conspires’, and it’s a heavy-duty mallet of thrash aimed straight for your jaw? Hellfire: step back Big Four, and give these guys the spotlight for a minute, would ya? Cheers.

Seriously, Jae Hadley voice on this album sounds so much like Tom Araya it’s almost spooky. Add to this the frenzied stylings of guitarists Nathan Sadd, Chris Martin and bassist Darryl Abbot, along with the full-throttle power of drummer Simon Jackson, and you’ve got yourself a veritable musical onslaught at hand. I wonder if the CD of this come encased in its own patch-adorned denim jacket and bullet belt?

Off the bat, this record decides to hit the ground not only running, but churning up divots as it hurtles along its destructive metal path. All through this album the pace, the intensity and the sheer audio violence does not let up at all: from the booming, barnstorming beginning of ‘Kingdom Come’ to the ripping, shredding finale of ‘All That We Know’, it’s pedal to the metal thrash, painted Race car Red and nitro-injected.

For those that would like to know my highlight track, I have not one, but two. First of these is ‘Braindead’, a spiky, sneering riff that slams into vicious blast beats and howling vocals. The sheer thrashing nature of this track deserves any metal head’s attention: ‘Braindead’ is here, and you have been duly warned. The second pick of the bunch of big bad apples is ‘Pseudocommando’, an insidious little beastie that slinks and slithers with a prowler’s intent, before unleashing its switchblade ferocity upon you. Its chugging main riff is reminiscent of Megadeth’s ‘Peace Sells’, but with a jolt of Slayer’s ‘Dissident Aggressor’ spiked into the cocktail. Intake this vicious sonic brew at your own discretion.

Shrapnel have a neck-snapping quality to their music that makes it damn near impossible to listen without banging your head as much as you humanly can. ‘The Virus Conspires’ is a benchmark in new thrash metal, and is a vital addition to any and every thrasher’s collection. When Shrapnel hits you, it will leave its mark on you forever.

Words by : Chris Markwell

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