Sunday 26 April 2015

Blues Pills - 'Blues Pills Live' (Album Review)

Album Type: Full-Length
Date Released: 20/3/2015
Label: Nuclear Blast Records

‘Blues Pills Live’ CD//DD//LP track listing:

1. High Class Woman 5:44
2. Ain't No Change 8:35
3. Bliss 4:42
4. Dig In 6:32
5. Black Smoke 7:42
6. Time Is Now 3:48
7. No Hope Left For Me 4:15
8. Devil Man 4:56
9. Astralplane 5:11
10. Little Sun 6:57

Blues Pills is:

Elin Larsson | vocals
Dorian Sorriaux | guitars
Zack Anderson | bass
André Kvarnström| drums


If you don’t already know Blues Pills then I’m not sure how you landed at The Sludgelord. Perhaps you Googled something like “pills for my blues”? If so, then read on because Blues Pills are just that. At this point in time, the band has a 7”, two EP’s, a live album, and a full length under their belt, making them one helluva busy band. And just when you thought they were getting comfortable riding the wave of last year’s full-length, they’ve given us another pill to swallow, “Live at Freak Valley.” If you’ve been a fan of their blues-infused retro rock up until now, then you’ll love –absolutely love – this album.

“High Class Woman” starts things off fervently and with reckless abandon. The high octane rock n’ roll that the band has been touring Europe with constantly is presented here all at once. The next hour of music that unfolds runs through fan favorites like the drum-driven “Astralplane,” an extended version of “Black Smoke,” and the obvious “Devil Man.” There is no let-up, no mercy; just plain ol’ good times with loud rock n’ roll music. The musicianship stands at the forefront and Blues Pills are selling it well, be it with Larsson’s growling, and yes, sexy, delivery in “Time is Now,” or how “Bliss” demonstrates a masterful handling of the wah pedal. This may just be the closest you’ll get to that magical night at Madison Square Garden when Led Zeppelin laid down their Song Remains The Same set. Yeah, I may be overselling it a little bit, but if you already dig Blues Pills you’ll understand what I’m getting at.

In short, Blues Pills was on fire at Freak Valley and demonstrated that they’re not only good on record but their live act is also one to witness. On stage, they handle their instruments with finesse but they would not have gotten so far if it weren’t for their songs. Between all that guitar masturbation and hippy freak outs, there are verses and choruses that flow beautifully into one another. Their debut album encapsulated the song writing of the band accurately and its this live set where you can hear these kids put their money where their mouth is. Go see Blues Pills live, it’s worth it, but if you can’t wait then throw this album on your turntable.

Words by: Victor van Ommen

‘Blues Pills Live’ is available everywhere now

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