Saturday 11 April 2015

Inquisition - ‘Magnificent Glorification of Lucifer’ (Album Review)

Album Type: Full-Length (Reissue)
Date Released: 23 March 2015
Label: Season of Mist

‘Magnificent Glorification of Lucifer’ CD//DD//LP track listing

01 Baptized in Black Goat Blood
02 Crush the Jewish Prophet
03 Under the Black Inverted Pentagram
04 Of Blood and Darkness We Are Born
05 Dark Mutilation Rites
06 Magnificent Glorification of Lucifer
07 Impaled by the Cryptic Horns of Baphomet
08 We Summon the Binds of Fire (For the Burning of All Holiness)
09 Eternal Loyalty to Our Lord Satan
10 Within the Red Hellfire We Burn (bonus track)
11 May the Rays of a Fullmoon Shine upon Us (bonus track)
12 Outro

Inquisition is:

Dagon | guitars, vocals
Incubus | drums


A reissue of their 2004 record, this Colombian two piece had dispensed with bass several albums prior to this slice of unpleasantness. It is black metal- fuzzed guitar, blast beats (the drums don't sound triggered or in any way polished but they use the death metal “all together” style as opposed to the rolling black metal version) and either spoken or croaked vocals. The likes of ‘Baptized in Goat Blood’ let you know what you are in for; left field black metal of misanthropic approach (see also ‘Crush The Jewish Prophet’).

The deadly duo really know how to unleash hell when they want to; they create a kind of impenetrable wall of noise at times and keep the feel necro ALL the time. There are discernable riffs, too- ‘Of Blood and Darkness We Are Born’, for example, has an almost Maiden-esque approach, while ‘Dark Mutiliation Rites’ is not flat out speed, either. The title track is impressively cold. 

‘Impaled By The Cryptic Horns of Baphomet’ has a ludicrous vocal delivery but is no less enjoyable for it. Later album tracks such as ‘We Summon The Binds of Fire’ continue to keep the quality high and the style unique and along with instrumental ‘Within The Red Hellfire We Burn’, the band make a convincing claim to the crown for South American Black Metal (albeit, my knowledge does not go much beyond Brazil's Mystifier).  ‘May The Rays of Fullmoon Shine’ is melancholic and melodic in sound and scope and throws in a bit of a different sound to an album of  already unusual black metal.

Overall, then, this is unique black metal of South American Extraction (by way of Seattle) originally released a decade ago by two musicians still going today. A blaze in the Colombian sky? No doubt.

Words by: Richard Maw

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