Sunday 26 April 2015

WALL - Wastelands/Warfields (EP Review)

Wastelands / Warfields cover art

Album Type: EP
Date Released: 24th April 2015
Label: Self Released
Wastelands / Warfields - Track Listing

1.Wastelands 03:26
2.Warfields 03:16


M - drums
A - guitar
S - vocals/synth
S - bass/vocals
I - guitar


WALL are creating paradoxes since 2008. Minimal pop songs at Maximum volume. Heavy low ends without the angry attitude and muscle flexing. Inspired by almost everything from the mamas and papas to early swans. Constantly changing equipment and attitude so it is safe to say that no one in the band knows what it is exactly they are doing. Hopefully even with Mark E Smith on bongos it will sound like WALL.


Doom/Sludge/Pop Rockers – WALL – are back with a blistering new EP – Wastelands/Warfields. And it's a stunning array of high octane Sugary Pop Coated Doom/Sludge Metal riffs. I'm a huge fan of these guys who made a big impression on me back in 2013 with their S/T release.

If you're a fan of FLOOR and Torche then WALL is the band for you. This EP sees WALL in loud volatile mood with the band playing fast-paced Sludge/Doom Pop music. Opening track – Wastelands – has bone-crunching and heavy down-tuned guitars with lead vocalist – Sascha – providing sublime vocals packed full of passion and demented fun especially towards the end when the mood takes a sinister turn.

Second track – Warfields is classic WALL through and through. Heavy melodies with a great singalong chorus though with a slight Punk-Rock swagger. WALL return to the normal sound of down-tuned sludgy guitars with Sascha once again on fine form singing his heart out. WALL have offered a brief glimpse of their new sound on the EP and if this is the way WALL are going on their next album, then WALL may have something special for us to experience.

Just do yourself a favour and download this brilliant EP now as it's available for free download. If you like what you hear check out their 2013 debut album as it's a favourite of ours at Sludgelord HQ.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe

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