Tuesday 7 April 2015

Mojave Lords - 'Unfuckwithable' (Album Review)

Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 23/2/2015
Label: Self Release/Last Hurrah Records

‘Unfuckwithable’ CD//DD//LP track listing

01 Sweet Little Down & Out 
02 Hot Throwaway
03 Anytime Rock
04 Dancefloor Slammer
05 Second Skin
06 Knuckles 
07 Microwave Me Baby
08 A Whole New World
09 Sage
10 Unfuckwithable

Mojave Lords is:

David Catching | Guitars, Bass, Synth 
Kevin Bingo Richey | Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Synth 
Brian O'Connor | Guitars, Bass, Drums, Backing Vocals 
Barrett Martin | Drums 
Joey Castillo | Drums 
Danny Frankel | Drums 
Chris Goss | Backing Vocals 
Sven Altmetz | Backing Vocals


Swagger. Mojave Lords is about the swagger. They’ll get your driver’s seat pushed all the way back so that your feet barely reach the pedals. One hand on the steering wheel, 115 degree recline, a shit eating grin on your face, and your favorite friends have joined you for the ride. You feel cool like Shaggy and as long as the black and blue don’t rain on your parade, there’s nothing that can kill this buzz. You’re “Unfuckwithable.”

At the helm of Mojave Lords are producers Dave Catching and Bingo Richey, who have now placed themselves in the band rather than behind the soundboard. With each passing song, guests either come or go, leaving their mark but not overshadowing Catching and Richey’s vision. It must have been one helluva party down at Rancho de la Luna when this album was being recorded, what with the likes of Joey Castillo, Chris Goss, and Barrett Martin all getting down for good times with the record button. We can thank our lucky stars that these guys chose to share these stories with us, even though the party was invite only.

From the get-go to the final crash of the drums, Mojave Lords’ “Unfuckwithable” tosses out ten  rhythm and groove tracks with the same attitude a smoker does with his cigarette butts. Whether it’s the stop and go of the guitars in “Sweet Little Down and Out” or the bluesy jump of “Hot Throwaway,” the cool guy attitude is abound. Then there’s “Anytime Rock,” an infectious jive that gets tables and chairs pushed up against the wall to make room for the awkward dancers among us. For those looking to flex their muscles, there’s plenty of that, too, be it from the witty “Second Skin” or the perfectly placed title track.

So yeah, Mojave Lords have swagger nailed. They know how to dress it, prepare it, and serve it. And let’s be honest, we all want to have that feeling of being cool every now and then. You know, that moment when the air guitar gets busted out and the volume is turned up so loud that the banging of the neighbors on the walls gets lost in the bass drum. That’s that feeling of being “Unfuckwithable,” courtesy of Mojave Lords.

Words: Victor van Ommen

‘Unfuckwithable’ is available here or on limited colour vinyl via Last Hurrah Records here

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