Wednesday 22 April 2015

ZOLLE - Porkestra (Album Review)

Porkestra cover art

Album Type: Album
Date Released: April 11th 2015
Label: Bloody Sound Fucktory

Porkestra - Track Listing

1.Porkediem 02:15
2.Porkeria 03:04
3.Porkasmatron 03:00
4.Porkona 01:39
5.Porkemon 01:37
6.Porkimede 04:04
7.Porkata 02:23
8.Porkobot 02:53
9.Porkenstein 03:04
10.Porkastica 02:05
11.Pork Vader 01:39
12.Porkangelogabriele 06:17


Ste - Drums, Xilophone.
Marcio - Guitar


Only those who know the ease of a cow while defecating can understand the genesis of the songs of Zolle.
Children of a natural path, direct, compact, subject to the force of gravity. Impact safe with warm soul that does not end in the fall to the ground. Even the sketches are lost. In this contemporary, complex and indefinite, spare plates affirm the essential, appearing as furrows of land of the plain from which they come. Being broken, turned, crushed, chopped Scents and smells merge into a single mass of sound: Zolle..


Italian Psychedelic Noise/Sludge/Stoner Rock Duo - Zolle - return with another heavy round of experimental noises and riffs to impress you with. Second album - Porkestra - follows the same route as their acclaimed debut album with the band providing a more experimental noise rock take on all things Sludge/Stoner Rock. Once again it's purely instrumental as Zolle capture some creative far-out moments in their moments.

Opening track - Porkediem - (you may notice the overall Pork based theme of the album that shows off their insane sense of humour) - is a fast-paced heavy affair that sees Zolle play heavy and finely tuned riffs with the drumming being the main highlight as drummer hits the heck out of those drums. And the guitar playing ain't half bad too. It's hard to believe that Zolle is a duo as they feel and sound like a bigger band. If you're into Big Business with a little crazier sense of humour then Zolle is the band for you. Zolle blast there way through a stunning set of songs such as Porkeria,

Porkona, Porkemon, Porkobot and my fave song title - Pork Vader. Yeah these guys are having fun with their music and it shows as this is one highly infectious album of experimental action packed riffs with style and substance to match. Zolle can be very loud at times where the band unleash with a non-stop attack of heavy drumming and fast-paced riffs. What more do you want from a Stoner/Sludge Rock album. It has vibes of Psychedelic Rock and Noise Rock that will keep you entertained through out.

I became a fan of these guys after listening to their debut album back in 2013 and then seeing them support Ufomammut on their 2013 UK Tour and believe me Zolle won a huge raft of admirers on that tour. As they are one of the most entertaining bands currently out there. Zolle are one of those rare bands who bring the same vibrant energy when playing live or in the studio. Most of the songs last from 90 seconds to a more generous 3 minutes. Don't let that put you off as Zolle are experts at delivering a ton of exciting riffs in such a short space of time. They go straight for the jugular by playing as many fantastic riffs as they can.

I have to say the drumming is some of the best I've heard this year. Delicate, precise, crazy, inventive and a whole load of fun. Porkestra is an excellent album from start to finish. Zolle have delivered one of the finest and exciting Instrumental Rock albums of the year. I hope more people take notice of Zolle and Porkestra as this is one album that is simply unmissable.

Porkestra is available to buy now on DD/CD now.

Words by Steve Howe

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