Monday 20 April 2015

The Sludgelord Presents: Belzebong 'Greenferno' Artwork & New Song Exclusive

Formed in Kielce, Poland in 2008, Belzebong have become something of a cult name on the underground scene and have created such a following, they have toured Europe many times over including an appearance at ‘Desertfest’ in 2013.  The band was last seen leaving their bong vapour across Europe in November of 2014, on their appropriately named ‘Bake the Dead’ tour. 

Having been signed to Emetic records a few years back, fans were treated to reissues of their debut record ‘Sonic Scapes & Weedy Grooves’ on vinyl for the first time, as well as the reissue of their 2013, release ‘Dungeon Vultures’ which included their original 2009 demo.  It has now been 2 long years since their last new material and 4 years since their last full length. 

The Sludgelord are psyched to see them back and present details of their forthcoming album.  Unsurprisingly they have chosen 20/4 of all days to debut new music in the form of ‘Diabolical Dopenosis’. 420 is a code-term which refers to the consumption of cannabis.  So I’ll leave it up to Belzebong to tell you more

‘Happy 420!! On this glorious day, we're presenting you with information about our second album "GREENFERNO".  It will be released later this summer by Emetic Records as a LP, CD and cassette’.

As well as releasing the official artwork for the first time, the track listing of ‘Greenferno’ is as follows

1. Diabolical Dopenosis
2. Inhale in Hell
3. Goat Smokin' Blues
4. The Undertoker

Now, hit one and listen to "Diabolical Dopenosis"

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