Monday 13 April 2015

Interview with Bantoriak

Bantoriak have released one of the most trippiest debut albums of the year so far with Weedooism. It's style of Stoner, Doom, Psychedelic Rock and Drone will leave you in a trance. It's being released on our good pals – Argonauta Records.

If you're into Sleep, OM and Kyuss then this is the album for you. I wanted to find more about the main man behind Bantoriak. I'm happy to say that Izio – the genius behind Bantoriak has agreed to talk to me at Sludgelord HQ.

You can find out what I thought about this brilliant album here:

Now lets get started with Izio aka BANTORIAK.

Hi Izio, How are things with you today. Thanks for doing this interview.

Thanks for the interview.

We are mainly here to talk about your new musical project – Bantoriak. Can you tell our readers how this project came about?

Project born by the will to express in a personal view, 30 years of listening and passion for a different type of music genre.

What inspired you to form Bantoriak as it’s a weird, trippy and psychedelic wild ride?

Mostly I get my inspiration from the sound of stoner/doom/psychedelic bands, trying to create a personal sound mixing with ambient/drone influences.

You’re about to release your new album – Weedooism. Can you tell people what to expect from this album.

In my vision it's a trip through images which spark of emotions of a human soul from Apollonian to Dionysian moods

Why did you choose the name for – Weedooism – for the album? Any specific meaning.

"Weedooism" it's a combination between "Weed" and "Voodoo" two kind of things that alter human perception , make the mind more receptive and introspective.

Was this a hard album to write and record for? As it’s a multi-layered and complex album at times.

As most of creative processes, Weedooism started from a rough idea too, refined and stratified during studio sessions.

You have a few special guests helping you out on the album. Was it easy convincing the people to participate on the album? (Fabio is from EREMITE, Rosy from Professional and Giacomo from ISAAK)

It was a pleasure working with all of them , because i always appreciated their own bands and their albums. When I asked them to work together with me at Bantoriak they were enthusiastic and they helped me so much to draw the album up.

Especially Mattia Cominotto (sound engineer)who produced the perfect sound for Weedooism.

Did you write all the music and lyrics yourself or did you have help from your friends on the album.

Bantoriak was born like a one man band project , but without the artists who helped me, Weedooismit would be not the same.

Weedooism feels like an out of body experience where you’re kept in a trippy state from the different noises and sounds you have created on the album. Was that your intention to create something tribal, trippy and psychedelic?

Yes, my intention was to create a sound trip that passing through various imaginary in one vision.

Which bands and artists influenced you a musician. Any specific band or album that stands out.

My favourite artists that influenced me: OM, SLEEP, KYUSS, SUNN O)))

You’ve probably read my review. Though the more I listen to the album I feel this album is very personal to you. Especially on Lysergic Tantra. As it brings a sense of reflection of remembering times in your youth.

Yes, I read your review and I really enjoyed it, 'cause I think that you have hit the essence of my work. In effect this is an album that tells so much about me and Lysergic Tantra reflecting a part of me and of my life story

You have a weird and wonderful vocal style that’s very much your own sound. Can you describe how you prepare to lay down vocal tracks in the studio as it’s more of a tribal/chant style?

Thanks. I'm fascinated by vocal techniques used in some rituals and ancient cultures, so I just tried to put them inside my work. To obtain the right voice and attitude you must have a good control of your breath and a sort of ''spiritual'' mood.

What is your musical setup when recording in the studio or playing live. Is it an advanced or basic setup?

The setup is basic:
Guitars (Gibson Les Paul Custom 1980 - Fender Telecaster)and Bass (Fender Precision)are dropped in D .
Valvular amplifiers (Fender Deluxe combo- Matamp -Mesaboogie bass amp)
Cabinet (Orange 4*12- ammpeg 8*12)
Handcrafted bronze drum kit
Love pedal fuzz, Ibanez vintage delay
Electric Piano and Organ

You’re currently signed to Argonauta Records who are signing a ton of great artists to their label. How did you hook up with Gero? Did you have any other offers to release your record?

Argonauta Records have a lot of interesting bands, so I already knew the label for this reason. Giacomo (Isaak singer) suggested me to contact Gero, who was interested to produce this album, so I never contacted other labels.

Italy has a well deserved reputation within the Sludge/Stoner Metal world for providing us with great bands to check out. Ufomammut, Zippo and Doomraiser amongst others. How is the Sludge/Stoner Metal scene perceived in Italy?

Yes, in Italy there are some cool bands but anyway it's an underground scene that has a peak of popularity in the last years 'cause there are a lot of bands in USA and Europe that play in a vintage attitude .

Which bands/albums are you currently enjoying at the moment? Any you like to recommend to our readers.

I'm listening to bands such as Eremite, Ape Skull, Vinum Sabbatum and the new album from Eyehategod.

Can you tell us what the long term plans for Bantoriak, Future tours or albums? Can you see Bantoriak becoming a full time band with actual band members? Or do you see it as a studio project at the moment.

Album will be released on 13th April and some gigs will be confirmed soon. Bantoriak has members who are live musicians and other stuff will be released in the future but it's a project not a full time band at the moment.

What other musical projects are you currently involved with.

I am in a band called The Jackie O's Farm where I play piano, guitar and percussion.

Finally do you have anything to say to your fans and our readers?

Thank you and Enjoy the TRIP!

Words by Steve Howe and Izio Orsini aka Bantoriak

Thanks to Gero at Argonauta Records at Barbara at NeeCee Agency for arranging this interview. Thanks to Izio for taking the time out to talk to us at Sludgelord HQ. Weedooism is available to buy from Argonauta Records now and it's a great album to trip out to.

For More Information

Check out the excellent song - Lysergic Tantra - from Weedooism.