Saturday 4 April 2015

Ironrat - Monument (Album Review)

Album Type: Album
Date Released: March 02nd 2015
Label: Pro Sonic

Monument - Track Listing

01. Eye Lucifer
02. The Last Outlaw
03. Feed The Pigs
04. Monument
05. Thunderlord
06. King And Master
07. Lung
08. Morphine Soul
09. Swamp Rat
10. Weed Machine


Chris Flear - Vocals
Wayne Hustler - Guitar
Martin Wiseman - Guitar
Stuart Hillman - Bass
Gordon Wilkinson – Drums


Ironrat's debut album is the type of album that will appeal to fans across the whole Blues Rock/Stoner Metal spectrum as it ticks all the right boxes to keep you rocking out for almost an hour or so. Well 54 minutes to be precise but it's one hell of a ride from start to finish. Opening with the hard rocking – Eye Lucifer – Ironrat prove they have the balls to last the distance as they don't fuck about here. Paying homage to Desert/Stoner Metal legends – Kyuss – and spliced – with the ballsy attitude of Orange Goblin though with lead vocalist Chris sounding uncannily like James Hetfield in his prime.

Blasting onto your speakers is one of the albums standout tracks – The Last Outlaw – as Ironrat will demand your attention for the next 7 minutes or so. Southern Rock/NOLA tinged riffs make you feel Ironrat are from the Californian Desert/Stoner Rock scene instead of from the UK. Shades of Kyuss is running through this songs hazy desert rock vibes. It's got a thumping rhythm section in the middle of the song where the band prove their Stoner Metal credentials.

I will admit there's nothing groundbreaking here but there doesn't need to be as Ironrat know what needs to be done an that's to play TONS OF GREAT RIFFS!!! - Damn these guys even worship at the hard rock school of Thin Lizzy at times as Wayne and Martin play some fantastic dual guitar riffs that would make Thin Lizzy proud. For the third track – Feed The Pigs – Ironrat venture into snarling Punk Rock territory with the Stoner Metal grooves giving this track a more faster and threatening approach. It's a 3 minute number that's more suited to the jukebox's to the Rock Bar's located around the world where you can sing out loud with your pals. Beers in one hand and your other hand up in the air shouting along to FEED THE PIGS!!!

Other tracks to check out are Monument, Thunderlord, Lung and the brilliant Weed Machine as these are the songs where the album becomes a more exciting experience as Ironrat prove what they're really made of. It's a shame the band ended the album with the 30 second song – Reprise. It brings nothing to the album as such. Sure it's a fast-paced and heavy number but the album just ends. Instead of ending on a massive finish that the album deserves it ends abruptly and I was hoping for another song. I shouldn't be too hard on the guys as they have written a 54 minute album that's got a lot going for it.

Other than that Monument is a fantastic debut album to prove Ironrat are another great band to checkout within the UK Hard Rock/Stoner Metal scene.

Thanks to Ironrat for the promo. Monument is available to buy from all good stockists now.

Words by Steve Howe

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