Friday 17 April 2015

Iced Out - 'Man's Ruin' EP (Review)

Album Type: EP
Date Released: 27/4/2014
Label: Witch Hunter Records

‘Man’s Run’ CD//DD track Listing:

1) For the Coven
2) Man’s Ruin
3) Space Mountain


Haunting, atmospheric doomy sludge by the bucket load, you like it loud and anger filled?  We got you covered.

The EP begins with the atmospherically haunting track ‘For the Coven’ and after a short sound bite to build intrigue, the beatings begin, with everything played with such intensity, it will crush the skulls of those that dare to listen. Steady, treacle-heavy drum work provide an excellent pace to the track, coupled with epic shouting vocals, stark and anger fuelled, all the while accentuated and enrobed in guitar heaviness.  It is a stonking track from start to finish. Just long enough to leave you wanting more and with this I move on to the second track

‘Man’s Ruin’ which is also the title track, is a few seconds shy of 4 minutes and is an out and out hit. An immediate smashing of both the drums and guitars leaves one slightly breathless. The doom tinged yet perky guitar offers a hellish riff throughout that really stood out for me, the drums and vocals as impressive and yet they initially take a back seat. This is rectified 2 minutes in, with a brief drum/guitar solo that demonstrates the talent these guys have so very well. With a cheeky little guitar fill howling a piece of heaven at around the 3 minute mark and finishing on a flourish of vocals. ‘Man’s Ruin’ is an instant smash out hit, hell and heaven wrapped up into one.

I am just about sold and then…

Space Mountain makes an appearance, you dirty, dirty boys. I approve, ‘Dear Satan and his entire band of minion’s, I approve’.  A short lived but nonetheless epically immense stoner driven piece of excellence, elegant in its harsh presentation with a metric fuck ton of heavy beats and nasty riffs. This one enthrals from the beginning, a sticky, gooey cacophony of attitude, nasty riffs and soul eating devilment all topped off with a guitar solo near the end that should, nay, will bring anyone to their knees slobbering like an overgrown St Bernard going heavy on the crack.

All in all a truly substantial offering from these guys; an uberous flow of riffs, graveolent with weed and a tinge of madness, this EP is strong from beginning to end.  One can only imagine that Iced Out is an impressive line-up of slightly cuckoo band members, however after throwing this out, they should be wearing the biggest coprophagous grins imaginable.  I look forward to seeing them live!

Words by: Kat Hilton

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