Friday 10 April 2015

Stonebirds - Into The Fog... And The Filthy Air (Album Review) - Exclusive Song Stream

Album Type: Album
Date Released: July 2015
Label: Pink Tank Records

Into The Fog... And The Filthy Air - Track Listing

1.After The Sin
2.Angst Lover
3.Burned Flesh
4.Into The Fog
5.Perpetual Wasteland


Fañch : Guitar/Vox
Sylvain : Bass/Chorus
Antoine : Drums


This is my first time venturing into Stonebirds world of heavy psychedelic Sludge/Stoner Metal riffs. The band did release a debut album back in 2011 called Slow Fly which sadly passed me by as it's an awesome album you should hunt down. Though I'm here to talk about their eagerly awaited follow up album – Into The Fog... And The Filthy Air – that sees the band venture into murky Psychedelic Stoner Metal with hints of Sludge Rock giving this album a distorted Desert Rock feel.

Opening track – After The Sin – starts off like a warped psychedelic nightmare coming to life with distorted fuzz based riffs and grizzled vocals to match. It has an ambient feel to the music as Stonebirds wisely create their own musical path that sees an air of originality not seen for a long time in the Stoner Metal realm. Fañch's have a sense of mystery about them as he sings a mysterious tale that I even find hard to understand. It's the music that's the main attraction here as Stonebirds transport you to the legendary Desert Rock surroundings where the riffs only become heavier, crazier and packed with a whole lot more FUZZ. It's has a crazy psychedelic guitar solo that will put you in a trance as the band have written a truly hypnotic song.

Second track – Angst Lover – sees Stonebirds change musical direction as they go for a heavier and more bombastic approach with the Psychedelic noises taking centre stage that gives Fañch centre stage to show off his impressive vocals once more. It starts off as slow-paced affair with plenty of distorted feedback and hazy riffs appearing every so often. Give it time though as the band bring the heavy thunderous Sludge Rock riffs and it's another exciting ride that sets Stonebirds off to a righteous path of greatness. Stonebirds can give Mastodon a run for their money in the progressive sludge metal volume stakes on this song. WOW!!!

There is a lot more to Stonebirds sound as they combine Grunge and Ambient Noises to their music so this album will speak to a wide range of people across the musical spectrum. It's a powerful album that will end up on a few Album Of The Year Lists and it's a good job that the band still have 3 songs to impress you with. 3rd song – Burned Flesh – is a more gloomy affair compared to the opening tracks as Stonebirds become more accustomed to their doom and gloom surroundings. The music is more direct and stripped back that gives the rhythm section of the band their chance to impress in the spotlight.

Fourth Track – Into The Fog – is pure Stoner Metal/Desert Rock territory with Fanch delivering his most heartfelt performance on the album. Shades of Kyuss appear but it's still an original sound that the band deserve credit for. The song combines Fuzz/Desert Rock vibes with a bleak Sludge Rock vibe. It's one of the albums standout songs that you will be listening to over and over again. The 2nd half of the song is of the heaviest parts of the album and its still beautifully played from beginning to end.

Last but by no means least is – Perpetual Wasteland – a haunting and sombre affair where the band take you on a heartfelt journey with drone based signatures and riffs that could last a lifetime. It's too Stonebird's credit they have written songs that are all very different to each other. As you get a different musical experience with each and every song. Sure it's firmly rooted in Sludge/Stoner Metal but it[s the overall musical journey that Stonebirds that take you on. This song is one of reflection, loss and forgiveness.

The production on the album is flawless through out as the album is loud from the start. Stonebirds have delivered a brilliant and highly original album. Kudos to Pink Tank Records for signing them to their roster. This album is going to win Stonebirds a huge range of admirers within the Sludge/Stoner Metal community. Into The Fog... And The Filthy Air is a must have album. End Of.

Need more proof – Well Stonebirds and Pink Tank Records have kindly let Sludgelord HQ exclusively stream – After The Sin – from Into The Fog... And The Filthy Air. Check it out.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Pink Tank Records for the promo. Into The Fog... And The Filthy Air - will be available to buy on CD/DD from Stonebirds and Vinyl via Pink Tank Records from July 2015. Pre-Orders will be available soon.

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