Saturday 4 April 2015

BRETUS - The Shadow Over Innsmouth (Album Review)

The shadow over innsmouth cover art

Album Type: Album
Date Released: April 18th 2015
Label: Blood Rock Records

The Shadow Over Innsmouth - Track Listing

1.Intro 01:16
2.The curse of innsmouth 06:05
3.Captain Obed Marsh 06:14
4.Zadok Allen 07:07
5.The oath of dagon 07:38
6.Gilman house 05:10
7.The horrible hunt 05:28
8.A final journey 07:47


Ghenes (High and Low Guitars),
Zagarus (Vox),
Azog (Bass),
Striges (Drums)


I'm a huge fan of Italian Doom/Stoner Metal misfits – Bretus. I've reviewed a couple of their past releases so I already know what to expect from their 2nd album – The Shadow Over Innsmouth - with their blend of Doom/Stoner Metal with dark and creepy Occult Rock overtones.

This album is a very different beast compared to their past releases as this one is heavier with more emphasis on mood and atmospherics that 70s/80s Old School Doom Metal fans will appreciate the most. The Curse Of Innsmouth is a loud as hell song that sees Bretus pay homage to their musical heroes whilst still keeping the mood very modern. Zagarus is the demented storyteller spinning tales of things that go bump in the night. The music has quite an experimental feel where the atmosphere goes through many different stages of Doom/Stoner Metal as Bretus change the riffs from one moment to the next.

If you're a fan of Saint Vitus, Black Sabbath and Deep Purple you will be in your element here as Bretus love the 70s legendary sound where the ideas were as loud as the riffs. The Shadow Over Innsmouth already has it's fair share of admirers including my good friend Lucas who did a fantastic review on his blog. His review will tell you all you need to know as he's perfectly described what the album is all about.

One of my fave moments from the album is on 3rd track – Captain Obed Marsh – as it's another crazy psychedelic offering that shows you what Bretus can do that some bands can only dream for. I love how the band create different sounds and noises that shouldn't really work. I'm pretty sure I've heard influences such as Queen and even a few NWOBHM bands on this song. I maybe hearing things but you can't deny this isn't a fantastic song that's packed full of superb Doom/Hard Rock moments to listen to over and over again,

The album can be very dark and intense at times as Bretus thrive on their doom and gloom reputation. Though that's what makes Bretus such an exciting prospect in Doom/Stoner Metal world. They're willing to take risks with their music and blend different genres that shouldn't really work but they pull this off with style. What you end up with is an exciting and brave album that's packed with tons of scary moments and kick-ass riffs to to rock out to.

Do yourself a favour and buy this album now. It's seriously that good. Awesome stuff!!!

Thanks to Bretus for the promo. The Shadow Over Innsmouth is available to buy on BandCamp Now

Words by Steve Howe

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