Monday 27 April 2015

Treedeon - ‘Lowest Level Reincarnation’ (Album Review)

Album Type: Full-Length
Date Released: 02/03/2015
Label: Exile on Mainstream

Lowest Level Reincarnation’ CD//DD//LP track listing:

01 Love Turns Liquid
02 Blankapitation
03 Satan’s Need
04 Extinction
05 Wendigo
06 Venus With Teeth
07 Lowest Level Reincarnation
08 Terracide


On today's playlist, the new album from Treedeon, ‘Lowest Level Reincarnation’ and If that title doesn't give you a hint, the first track ‘Love Turns Liquid’ will kick you into the drag of reality. Going low, sometimes slow, and always heavy, this album isn't just your everyday doom fest.

Treedeon play a very soulful sort of depression, slow, heavy and fuzz laden, with a delicious back beat, and male/female vocals that are dredged from the bottom of a whisky bottle. It's raw breakdown music, for when life hits just a bit too hard. Their riffs are just slow fists to the gut and temple, dragging you down into sonic depths and darkness. There's no speeding them up either. It's like listening to a train coming in pitch darkness. The sound, while somewhat muddy on the rhythm, is very articulate when they throw pieces of molten lead at you.

The drumming is perfect, medium tempo, and exactly right for what they are pumping out. Vocals, both male and female, alternate between ragged yelled singing (it's really hard to describe until you hear it, then you'll get what I am trying to say) and a vicious scream that cannot be pleasant without some nice narcotic help to dull the edge. It's a vicious exclamation point to their sonic manifesto, and is oddly touching to the soul.  My personal pick goes to ‘Wendigo’, #5 on the track list. It has a slowish build up to the explosion of sonic excess, and reminds me of scenes from biker movies, a super gritty low life, needing open country and trouble to find.  I love the groove on this song and frequently find myself fixating on it

Speaking of runtime, these songs do get a bit more traction than most bands like to put in with this much energy, short being 3:28 and long being an excruciating 11:59. They eke out every single piece of energy they can drip into the music, and then wring it out onto the listener, like a Watain show, but with much less showering. The album is all intensity with a backroom honky tonk blues feel.

On the whole this record is pure filth and whilst you won't be thrashing around, sit back and feel the poison creep through your veins. Similar to grabbing a hot electrical wire, ‘Lowest Level Reincarnation is just not easy to let go of.

Words by: Hunter Young

‘Lowest Level Reincarnation’ is available here

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