Wednesday 1 April 2015

Archelon - I (EP Review)

I cover art

Album Type: EP
Date Released: March 01st 2015
Label: Self Released

I - Track Listing

1.Gaia 03:27
2.Blood on the Sabre 08:22
3.Faint Young Sun 06:57


Craig - Guitar & vocals,
Adam - Bass & vocals,
Tj - Drums


Archelon formed in Sheffield UK in August 2013 when Drummer TJ and Guitarist Craig who had been playing together for some time recruited Adam to play Bass and complete the line-up of their progressive Sludge metal band.

Fusing thier love of such bands as Mastodon, ISIS, Neurosis, Pelican, Russian Circles and many others. Archelon sound like a shifting techtonic mass bludgeoning everything in its path with the raw power of a glacier carving valleys from mountains. Their sound is slow, raw, agressive, groove driven and undeniably heavy.


Archelon another band that a few of my friends have recommended me to check out and here I am finally checking this great band out. If you're a fan of the bands mentioned in their bio then you should seriously check out Archelon as their debut EP – I – is a damn good indication that this band is definitely worth your time.

Opening track – Gaia – is 3:27 minute blast of Progressive Sludge Riffs with a touch of Ambient Noise thrown in for goo d measure. The vocals are reminiscent of early ISIS/Neurosis with traces of hardcore running through them. It's a shame the song isn't on for a tiny bit longer as it could of done with a further minute or so for the heavy riffs to do more damage. Though the Ambient sounds ends the song superbly well.

Second track – Blood On The Sabre – is pure Progressive Sludge/Post-Metal territory that will offer a few decent heavy thrills amongst the Sludge/Post-Metal crowd. It starts rather quietly before the loud riffs start to appear near the 3rd minute. The vocals are impressive yet again as they bring an air of intelligence and a hint of anger and fury to give Archelon's overall sound a more primal feel.

The final track – Faint Young Sun – has a more experimental and noisy vibe compared to the other tracks. As Archelon turn the atmosphere into a sombre and cold violent place where fear and oppression is all around you. The vocals have a more disturbing feel to them as Archelon leave you feeling in a depressive state. The riffs are played at a slow pace that gives the band plenty of room to explore and create some sombre Post-Rock ambient style music. Though the heavier Sludge/Post-Metal riffs aren't too far behind.

Archelon have created a stunning debut EP and I recommend you check it out if you want a Post-Metal release that will make you coming back for more punishment. Then this is the release for you. I is available to buy on BandCamp Buy Now Download.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Written by Steve Howe

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