Friday 24 April 2015

Fistula - 'Destitute' Demo (Review)

Album Type: EP
Date Released: 11/4/2015
Label: Self Released

‘Destitute’ CD//DD track listing:

1). Firstborn (Sobriety Continues)
2). Morgue Attendant
3). The Big Turnout
4). Destitute
5). The Time We Bought Dope from the Cops

Fistula is:

Dan Harrington | Vocals
Corey Bing | Guitars
Jeff Sullivan | Drums
Greg Peel | Bass


All musical genres have their dirty, grimy, extreme sides. In the case of metal, it’s pretty much summed up in the art of Fistula. From the extreme sound, to the extremely gory imagery, to the depravity they use as inspiration and sampling, Fistula have continually outdone themselves with making fucked up release after fucked up release. The newest toy they've managed to drop on our ears, the ‘Destitute’ demo, is just a textbook example of why you don't let kids sniff paint fumes.

Fistula, no matter what you may think of me after, is a go to for my dark journeys, and I have worn out the digital copy of Goat on my phone. These guys ARE extreme music poster children (on milk cartons), and honestly do drop the most vicious releases most people will ever manage to step in. Their tone is pretty much spilling bong water and wax onto the strings and forgetting to clean them afterward. It's nasty, it’s jagged, and it's perfect. It’s also ridiculously clear on ‘Destitute’, as they riff on toward a unlit concrete room, with riffs bludgeoning you, and their drummer just abusing his kit. They legitimately sound pissed, and they have no reason to hide it. 

The album has their hallmarks, aside from their acidic sound, in using audio samples from, what I assume, are real news stories of murders, assaults, and other, quite dark acts perpetrated by the sickest of humanities dregs. The second track, ‘Morgue Attendant’, is no different, opening with a beautifully harsh riff with tons of groove cranking, and audio bites from a news story of a morgue attendant (duh) who abused corpses and children. Its dark as the abyss' asshole, and they make the song interesting in contrast with a shocked little fade of the music, then back with the basics to just tear it a new one. Lots of plodding from our resident Negative Nancies, but they love throwing in very punkish elements. I feel like getting in a circle pit and stomping a bit heavier than necessary to sections of ‘Morgue Attendant’, ‘The Big Turnout’, and ‘The Time We Bought Dope...’, the last of which is super high energy for them, and almost sounds happy until the last minute and change. And, again to my ears, ‘The Big Turnout’ features a little Mod Rock rhythmics. Might be all the narcotic haze that happens when I hit play....

This album is for those who like to listen beyond the pale, who don't care what others think, who like it dirty. It’s a great piece they have added to their discography, and I look forward to their next sonic transgression against good taste.

Words by: Hunter Young

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