Saturday 4 April 2015

Band To Check Out - Open Wide, The Sky

Live @ Jingle Balls Dec 20th, 2014 cover art


Vincent Fedetz - Lead Guitar |
Rob Saltsman - Guitar/Vocals |
Max Gillman - Drums |
Joe Carrere - Bass |


In 2010 "Open Wide, The Sky" began as a trio of like-minded musicians looking to play. As jam sessions became more frequent and our playing more and more cohesive, we reached the unanimous decision to step into bandhood. If Mastodon, Opeth, and Between the Buried and Me had a three way baby, that'd be us. So check out our album Monolith, a mixture of jazz, metal, rock, and a WHOLE lotta love!

Band To Check Out Info:

Open Wide, The Sky are self proclaimed – Progressive Space Metal Band. Interesting description as their music does fall under a lot of different categories. Progressive Metal, Sludge Metal, Jazz, Hard Rock and Space Rock. If that feels a lot of different genres to take in then I suppose it is but the band make this work in their favour. They play extremely fast when the time calls for it.

Parts Mastodon, Opeth and Between The Buried and Me – their bio briefly states and it's a very good description. Open Wide, The Sky is probably a band that won't appeal to everyone as their music can be very hard to listen to at times. Their latest release - Live @ JingleBalls Dec 20th, 2014 – is a live album no less. It's a challenging, frustrating and exciting album to listen to as Open Wide, The Sky venture off into 100 different musical directions and still sound so different to everyone else.

I wish I knew about these guys earlier as I'm became such a fan of their music within a short space of time. They are a very exciting prospect indeed if you dig Progressive Metal. My advice – Check them out as Open Wide, The Sky are definitely worth your time. All their music is available on BandCamp Buy Now. Their 2012 debut album – Monolith – is a fucking blast from start to finish. So you have no excuse!!!

Words by Steve Howe

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