Monday 7 January 2013

Kurouma - Blast From The Part

Untitled (4) cover art

Kurouma are a very cool Post-Metal/Experimental/Sludge Metal Band from Jyväskylä, Keski-Suomi, Finland.

The members are:

O. Pekonen (guitar)
J. Torro (guitar, vocals)
J.J.J. Koskinen (bass)
J. Pesonen (drums)

Now this is a really cool and great surprise. Kurouma are a band I originally featured back in March 2011. I still remember how they impressed me with their stunning blend of Sludge/Post-Rock/Post-Metal on their superb album - 3.

Well the guys are back with their excellent new release - Untitled (4) - a two track and excellent 16 minute blast of sublime Post-Rock/Sludge/Post-Metal riffage.

First track - Death Descends - is a 10:43 minute epic that easily gets under your skin with brutal vocals and amazing post-metal riffs. If your a fan of Sludgelord faves - BAULTA - then your going to dig this. As Kurouma are their heavier counterparts and good friends of each other.

Death Descends shows you that these guys have sorely been missed by myself. Untitled (4) does not disappoint. It's a triumph on every level.

Shame there is only two tracks. Lets hope Kurouma will be back in the year with a proper full length album. As 2nd track - Stay Awake - leaves you wanting more.

But at least Kurouma are back after a two year absence. That is the main thing. This is an excellent release you will listen to over and over again.

You can download it from BandCamp on Pay Now Deal right now. So headover there right now. Just an excellent release from a great band.

If you like what you hear then headover to their Last-FM page and download their excellent albums albums for free. 

Highly Recommended.