Monday 7 January 2013


The Silent Cartographer - Demo MMXIII (preview) cover art

CHARNIA is an Ambient/Post-Rock/Doom/Sludge Metal band from Belgium

The members are:

Seppe Batens - Drums
Jelle Pieters - Guitar, vocals
Ruben Meersman - Bass

CHARNIA is a more of an emotional and haunting experience than a brilliant Sludge/Post-Rock/Ambient/Doom Metal band. This band will haunt you for fucking days.

If your intoWolves In The Throne Room and Neurosis then you need to check this superb band out now. As The Silent Cartographer take influence from those great bands but still adding their nightmarish vibe on proceedings.

They have just released their excellent debut release - The Silent Cartographer - Demo MMXIII - a mesmerising 3 song and 22 minute blast of ambient based haunting sludge metal riffs.

Opening track - The Silent Cartographer - is a 9 minute journey into the unknown of the human psyche. CHARNIA take you on a journey like no other. Going from dark and depressing emotions to uplifting ambient post-rock passages with ease then back down to the dark emotional cold of human emotions.

The remaining two tracks - The Library and Galilei follow the same route as their epic coutnerpart. Haunting ambient based Sludge/Doom/Post-Rock riffs with a drone influenced vibe full of more nightmarish visions and tales of despair.

CHARNIA have released an excellent album that I urge you all check out now. It's available for free download from BandCamp. It's one release you cannot miss.

This hugely talented band have created a brutal and wonderful release that will stay with you for a very long time. Play this one loud at full blast as your going to need your wits about this great release. If your looking for something with a positive vibe or atmosphere. This ain't it. This is dark, depressing, emotional and mood driven music that will surely get under you skin.

Brilliant and Highly Recommended.

Check This Great Band Below: