Sunday 27 January 2013


Overlord cover art

Overlord are a Classic Rock/Stoner Metal Band from Oxford, UK

The members are:

Tal Fineman - Vocals & Rhythm Guitar.
Rhys Williams - Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals
Kyle Edwards - Drums/Percussion
Josh Knight - Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals

Overlord are another excellent UK Stoner Metal band that I had the pleasure to check out recently. Their blend of Blues infused Classic/Hard Rock vibes mixed with Stoner Metal show they are a band not to be messed with.

Their S/T debut EP is 4 tracks and 19 mins in length but showcases what the band does so well. They are influenced by a whole range of great bands such as Sabbath, Led Zep and some NOLA based riffs as well.

For a band that have only been around since 2011 their debut EP is a great mix of styles and riffs that is starting to gain this band a sold fanbase already.

If they continue with their own blend of Blues based Stoner Metal then these guys can be major league players indeed in the future.

You can download this on BandCamp for Free Download and buy the physical release as well.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Check This Great Band Below: