Monday 28 January 2013

MOJO WAVES - Album Teaser

Mojo Waves are a Garagedelic Rock Band from Vantaa, Finland.

The members are:

Arttu Kantola - Vox & Fuzz
Juuso Leinonen - Bassteroid
Mikko Matikka - Groove

Mojo Waves are a band who we have featured a couple of times before on the blog. Most recently back in July 2012.

They struck a chord with many of you. Well the guys have recently contacted me to say their new album is almost ready. And to prepare the world for it they have given me an album teaser to show you.

Yeah still the same fucked up attitude and riffs from these hugely talented Stoner Rockers from Finland. Yeah I definitely want to hear more. Roll on when this album is finally released. Be cool to hear what these guys sound like on a bigger scale.

Check This Great Band Below: