Friday 18 January 2013

SANNHET - Known Flood - Review

Known Flood cover art

Sannhet are an Experimental Post-Metal band from Brooklyn, USA

The members are:

Christopher Todd - drums and samples
John Refano - guitar and loopers
AJ Annunziata - bass guitar

Sannhet are one of the new breed Post-Metal bands starting to stand out in the scene. These guys have turned the Post-Metal scene on its head with their amazing debut album – Known Flood – A 9 song and 45-minute perfect lesson in the art of top-notch extreme metal.

What makes Sannhet stand out from the other post-metal bands that are currently around. It is their brutal blend of genres that they use to great effect to portray a sound full of unflinching of thrills and emotions.

Sannhet style of post-metal includes a bleak outline of Crust, Doom, Post-Rock, Black Metal and elements of industrial metal. Their debut album is not an easy album to listen to as there are so many things going on in the background. It is too the bands credit that they keep you intrigued from start to finish.

All of the tracks are wonderfully put together and highlights the bands talents to perfection. Sannhet’s music is mainly instrumental and it is heavy from the start. This band is not afraid to experiment with the different genres of music at their creative disposal. It is a journey that is equally haunting and terrifying at the same time.

Imagine your worst nightmares coming to life mixed with the music styling of Pelican and Russian Circles. That is how I would describe this amazing album. Known Flood signals the arrival of a truly important band in the Post-Metal field. It is a brilliant debut album that should put Sannhet on the musical map. The last time I heard a debut album like this in the instrumental Sludge Metal field was Pelican’s legendary debut album. Known Flood will hopefully have the same impact as that classic album.

Known Flood is full of nightmarish and hypnotic riffs to blast your whole fragile little world apart. It’s an album that will have a lasting impact long after you have listened to it.

It’s brilliantly produced and performed by everyone involved. I am not going to do a song-by-song analysis or pick out my fave moments as I feel the album should be listened to and experienced as one individual song separated by many superb moods and moments. I would say Known Flood is an experience to listen to in one full listen to get the full effect. But listen to it as many times, as you possibly can, as you will miss out a whole lot.

This album is a startling and unsettling masterpiece of extreme metal. It will test your patience at times but what a brilliant ride it is.

Sannhet are on the verge of greatness in the next few years. They will be classed as true innovators of the scene. This album is only the start of it.

Amazing and Highly Recommended.

You can buy this album from Sacrament Music on both Digital and Vinyl from 19th Feb 2013.

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