Friday 18 January 2013

Doublestone - NEW EP

Doublestone cover art

Doublestone are a Stoner Metal Band from Copenhagen, Denmark

The members are

Bo Blond - Guitars, Vocals
Kristian Blond - Bass
Mike Bruun - Drums

Doublestone are an excellent Stoner Metal band who play mean and dirty fast paced Stoner Metal influenced by great bands from the past and present.

I originally featured these guys on the blog back in Jan 2012. I will let the guys themselves tell you all about their music and awesome new S/T EP.

"We are releasing our 3rd EP the 19th of January, this time on 12” vinyl. Since our last release we have been moving our music further back in time, trying to catch the heavy tones of the past. In the search for the right sound we went back to the basics and is recorded the EP live on reel to reel in March 2012.

The result is a dirty mix old school metal and new school stoner rock and sometimes even doom. We get our inspiration from bands like: Black Sabbath, Graveyard, Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats, Witchcraft, Red Fang."

Well Doublestone have excelled themselves here as their new EP is a total blast from start to finish. If you want an EP with a modern day feel but some vintage touches then your in luck. This EP just fucking rocks from start to finish.

The 6 tracks run for about 24 minutes in total. And it's a 24 minutes you will be rocking out to over and over again. The EP is superbly produced and I would say the guys have never sounded better on their 3rd release.

A definite must have release for all serious Stoner Rock fans. As this album is a stunning collection of tracks to showcase the power and genius of Doublestone.

Now this is where the guys will surely become a fave of yours as they are giving this album on a whole variety of formats. Even free.

Download the EP for free at (From the 19th of January).
Bandcamp (From the 19th of January).

The vinyl is released through Levitation Records (300 ex. ONLY limited)


Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Check This Superb Band Below